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RSS Ltethe

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3 points

All your bases are belong to U.S.!

2 points

Nicely articulated. One of the better arguments I've heard.

3 points

Semantically you are wrong too. Look in any dictionary. The Merriam Webster for instance clearly states that the verb "farm" means:

1: Make ones living by growing crops and rearing livestock

2: Use land for growing crops and rearing livestock

3: Breed or grow commercially a type of livestock or crop.

2 points

Let me posit a question to you then?

Would you rather live in freedom where danger can come at you at any moment. Or live in a cage, where your safety is assured till your expiration date?

2 points

Farming is more ethical. The meat is raised with the intent to slaughter. Done properly, an animal can be put down with as little suffering as possible.

4 points

I come from a family of hunters, who believe that hunting is the natural order. My father believes that you should personally bear witness to an animal's suffering, to respect the life you're taking, if you choose to eat meat.

1 point

Take it. Take every cent. You give me a roof, and give me 3 basic meals a day, you can take the rest as long as you entertain the hope of getting us off this planet. Mars is the first step. Take it.

1 point

Conspiracy? Puh-leeze. My dad was in the Pentagon for years, and while I waited for him to get off work, I'd sit in the lobby and watch CNN...

With all the other military types in there. Spy satellites? Hollywood thermal imaging? I can't remember how many times these general big wigs would stop and watch CNN, trying to get their news too. I don't trust my government, I trust that my government can't find it's way to Bin Laden's ass if he was camping on the White House lawn.

I trust that my government is filled with dumb meatbags who want to go home after their 9 hours and watch sports and porn, just like you. Just because they have power doesn't make them any more competent then your conspiracy addled mind.

9/11 an inside job? Not even, you'd have to believe that your fellow man is vastly more intelligent, then your common man displays. And then you'd have hope, because that would mean your fellow man has a plan to take care of your retarded ass while you suck on the teat of American Idol, World of Warcraft, conspiracy theory and fast food.

Conspiracy theory is for weak people who need faith. You've simply replaced God with Government.

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Winning Position: Hunting is more ethical
Tied Positions: Commodity backed currency vs. Fiat currency

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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