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RSS Luchito

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Maybe if the one who plays the bass in the band gets further back to the right and the one who plays the drums is located next to the exit door, maybe jazz sounds a little better that way. To play jazz you don't need to be a true musician but just learn to play an instrument and let your hands to make an improvised melody or sound. The drinks and drugs will do the rest in the audience. After that your brain learns how to accept such discordant sounds and whola! just follow the traffic...

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Liberals are social resent people. Barack Obama is a great example. A man born from the union of a black man with a white woman in times where discrimination against blacks was in progress. He grew up with hate in his soul against the American society. He used his oratory talent to become a politic figure and by faking to work for minorities he promoted a style of life inciting people to accept anti nature sex and signed laws protecting it.

About Joe Biden, what can you expect of a man who is a 50 years plus politician? This individual is a complete failure. In the 70s China received lots of US funds to become economically great, change its government to democracy and become a US ally. The result was the economical greatness of China and let it be the greater competitor against the US. Joe Biden participation has been a great disaster. Same Barack Obama never trusted him.

Having their main representatives the worst for the American society and economy, what can you expect from the followers?

Nothing good for sure.

1 point

To start, the illegal entrance to the Capitol Building by protesters of the result of the elections wasn't president Trump's idea.

This illegal entrance of people to those premises is a lesson that Democrats and some Republicans still refuse to learn.

In that day January 6, 2021, politicians finally tested in their own skin, what is to feel the sensation of seeing with their own eyes the illegal entrance of individuals into a land without the proper permit.

What it happened in the Capitol Building on January 6 is what is going on at the US borders every day.

Illegal entrance is illegal entrance every where, and same as those people who entered to the Capitol Building without a permit are under the hands of the justice court, same the illegal immigrants who enter into the US without permit shall be also under the hands of the justice court.

The hypocrisy of politicians is justify the illegal immigrant, forgive his fault and let him free while condemning the American, accuse his fault and keep it in detention.

Politicians trashing the Constitution is an every day task by their part.

1 point

Why making things hard?

Justice must be applied accordingly to the events.

When is about a murder where there are doubts about the culpability of the suspect, then the death penalty must be on hold, always on hold regardless of the years in prison and later freedom from jail.

But, when is about a murder where the suspect is clearly the criminal, caught in the act, with no doubts of culpability, then it should be no doubts to use the rope. In these cases no excuses should be accepted, no expensive appeals, just applying justice and leave the cell free for the next criminal.

1 point

I use a cell phone for communication and entertainment. To me the iPhone is the last in my list to be used for these purposes. With the iPhone if I want to listen music selected by me from my own sources, then I'm obligated to do it thru iTunes.

If I want to crate my own phone ring tone I must to do it thru iTunes.

There is no freedom to enjoy music with iPhone unless you subscribe and depend on iTunes.

About other features, most cell phones from other brands provide same quality than iPhone.

About apps, I don't use any.

I don't use apps because those are a path for others to get your location and private information 24/7. Using apps for me is losing your privacy.

Of course, people is free to decide how much of their privacy can be shared with others and they see as inoffensive the fact of being watched by others just by using those apps. In my case, I feel I enjoy more freedom without using apps in my cell phone.

0 points

As Batman you talk too much and lack of simple applications.

XY people to use men's bathrooms is a simple way to understand the current issue between sex and gender. To identify a person sex is what rules while gender is just the behavior preference of the individual.

Government is to catalogue people by their sex at birth not so by their gender's preference, however some agendas seem to keep the masses in ignorance.

Your error is thinking that masculinity is for men only. Such is not the truth. Masculinity is the standard, normal and expected behavior in men only, not in women.

You just can't force a woman to behave with feminine behavior, and on the other hand, a woman behaving with masculine behavior can't force you to accept her as a man.

See? So simple.

I, Luchito.

0 points

By no means.

Excuse my reply but no insult or malice is intended, but I think of a pregnant man only by him having abortions everyday between farts.

1 point

Family of mine lives in Washington DC. If asked by the owner of a house, the DC government installs a front and back camera for free in the properties. These cameras can be connected to a house security system or a computer. The "catch" is that the cameras also come with an antenna sending the images to the DC government surveying service.

Watching YouTube videos one can realize that any person can be under surveying cameras all day long everywhere. Sometimes the cameras installed on traffic street light poles are a kind of perturbing when their lenses appear to aim straight to you.

Question is, are people allowed to show the finger to those cameras?

1 point

Male becomes the sex status and masculine the gender.

In our species sex is man and woman. In other species the words male and female becomes the identification of their sex, and is also used with humans, however, the words man and woman are the most common words used.

A masculine woman is a woman behaving as a man, while feminine man of effeminate man refers to his gender.

The transgender ideology won't reach a transsexual status, and such is the great ignorance from authorities, who misunderstood such simple concepts and gave green light for effeminate men to enter in women's bathrooms.

Same as it was clarified with the status of a zygote right after conception, as genetically been a human being, same genetic status must be established to know who is whom in society with respect to sex. Applying science is the best to avoid disparate concepts between sex and gender. XY people must use men's bathrooms, XX people must use women's bathrooms, case closed.

I, Luchito.

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