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RSS Madeingerman

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10 most recent arguments.

That's the thing, to me it looks like the supposedly humorous shows are way better at giving you the facts.

They claim they are entertainment, but do a pretty good job at educating their viewers.

Mass Media however, claims they have the news, but only focus on easily digestible stuff and talking points.

No wonder, a lot of people are ignorant - staying informed is hard work! You have to look at different sources and you can't even trust the candidate you favor - they are all lying :(

But "the governments and villages in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan" are not put on a war criminal trial.

If Bush had followed the Constitution, none of this Iraq mess would have happened.

From the Yahoo article:

Even if they find him innocent, Hamdan may not be released. The military retains the right to hold "enemy combatants" considered a threat to the United States — even those cleared of charges by the tribunals.

So yes, if the outcome doesn't matter, this trial is a joke.

A lot of people just don't care. They don't want to download a Browser, if their computer shipped with an Operating System that already had one.

So unless Microsoft no longer bundles IE with Windows and Windows with hardware, IE is here to stay and in the lead no less.

A vast number of people claims they believe in a talking snake and you tell us that we can't believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster???

a) seems like a no on McCain....

Supporting Evidence: McCain is a computer illiterate (

Vote Republican, if you favor explicit entertainment! (see link below)

Supporting Evidence: McCain's explosion record (

McCain seems to be a bit senile already. The only way he could still get elected is, if people really like his running mate. Never did any VP have such a great chance to the office ;)

What is McCain talking about?

I don't think the stigma will change before it is legalized.


If it was, everybody could see that is is less dangerous than alcohol for sure.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Yes, I bought it all myself.
Winning Position: Mozilla Firefox
Winning Position: Valid tool
Winning Position: 100% Natural
Winning Position: No, it's a lot of fun!
Winning Position: No, they are safe.
Winning Position: Yes, don't mind paying more.
Winning Position: Yes, full package + Condoms!

About Me

"I don't like the 12-character limit. I was supposed to be madeingermany ;)"

Biographical Information
Name: Marco 
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98126
Religion: Agnostic
Websites: twitter

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