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RSS Madelinebren

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Obama Liberal

This deal is good for both the U.S. and Iran. Being a country that is hostile towards America, Iran does not need to have nuclear weapons that could hurt us. Also a country that is suffering economically due to U.S. sanctions, Iran needs them to be lifted. A conservative may argue that this deal does not solve problems since Iran can keep its nuclear programs, but both the number of plants, from 20 thousand to 5 thousand, and the enrichment, from 90% (weapon grade) to 3.67% (enough for electricity), will decrease. This deal greatly diminishes the threat from Iran and is fair to Iran by allowing their economy to come back up.

1 point

Create Debate is something much larger and more important than ourselves. Through create debate,claims and arguments can be made and become known, if even by just a handful of random people. By celebrating Grenache's create debate birthday, my we are respecting and acknowledging that create debate brings people together through arguing- the great paradox of create debate. Without your membership in this wonderful debate website, when you first joined on February 17, 2016, my government class and I would not would not have known you existed, and through you we have grown. Happy 1st Birthday, Grenache.

1 point

When another group infringes on another's rights is when our tolerance should end.  To be tolerant of intolerance defeats the purpose of democracy anyways.  By tolerating others to practice their believes that take away, either speech, life, property, privacy, etc., then we are loosing our democracy.  We should definitely allow freedom of religion, press, speech, and assembly, but when it becomes dangerous to others and negatively threatens someone's rights then it should be intervened. It would not make sense to allow murder, for example, to take place because it is someone's religion, which is something we have the freedom to practice. If precautionary measures can be taken to protect the safety of our citizens, then let's do it!!!!

Religions are often pitted against eachoter. If one religion thinks it is its duty to abolish men of a different religion and commits violence agiainst it, then it should monitored in order to prevent any dangerous actions it seeks despite religious beliefs because in the end I think most if not all of us can agree that bombings and murders and vandalizing and more are not acceptable. Yes, people should be able to freely practice their beliefs but not to the point of threatening society!

1 point

Building a border wall would decrease the number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. Over half of the 12 million illegal immigrants are from Mexico. These undocumented people are able to avoid paying federal tax. Because these immigrants are willing to work for maybe $24,000 per household, and average lower class Americans are not, the Mexicans take jobs from lower class workers by lowering the price of labor. Also, thousand of tons of illegal drugs are smuggled across the border (as seen in the link below), and a border wall would significantly decrease the accessibility of this illegal import.

Supporting Evidence: Drugs from Mexico (
2 points

We need to look at the precedence of TPP more- NAFTA. Our trade deficit with Mexico deepened and about 700,000 jobs were lost.

Here is a link on more about how it was bad for all of the countries involved in the deal, not just America.

Supporting Evidence: NAFTA failure (
3 points

Capitalism has become stagnant. Globalization has gone to far. The middle class is dwindling as the gap between wealthy and poor increases... and who is the middle class? That's right, they are consumers. We can either outsource our jobs to places like Vietnam where the hourly wage is $0.53 OR protect our jobs and economy. By keeping more jobs in America for the lower classes, the middle (consumer) class will be revived. Let's remold capitalism into one that benefits America as a whole and not just the already wealthy corporations. Let's remold capitalism into protectionism.

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