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RSS Madrigal14

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1 point

I agree with that. The death penalty is more terrifying as you knowing you can die at any time, than actually dying.

Supporting Evidence: Death Penalty Rarely Enforced (
1 point

I don't think he really deserves the death penalty. I mean after all the people he killed & injured, does he really need an easy way out? Besides, life in American prisons is rather mild compared to those in other countries; free food, free clothes, free healthcare... I think he deserves to spend the rest of his life knowing what he did, and being guilty for it. Psychological torture.

1 point

I honestly didn't think that he would fit in there for a minute... and if he got stuck, how would he get out?

1 point

There is the small fact that Christianity only has one god while Hinduism that potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of gods.

1 point

I'm going on the hope that the scientists who are smart enough to create it won't be such idiots that they'd let regular people access to this kind of thing. besides the fact that a thousand inch dick will be bigger than the person having it, there are endless limitations to the power of developmental biology. Eyes as sharp as a hawk, the speed and grace of panthers, skills of Mozart or quintessential Renaissance leaders like Leonardo da Vinci...

1 point

Although it's a cute game to start with, it quickly gets boring and the same strategies keep working over and over again. Unlike a human opponent, it lacks spontaneity and can quickly be mastered after a little while.

2 points

My motto: How bad can it get really ? .

1 point

Although I think that BenWalters has a good point, I was so disappointed by Eragon that I think a major re-haul is in order.

madrigal14(301) Clarified
1 point

Just what's wrong with being a Muslim? .

1 point

If war was the only solution for taking a decision than we would have died long ago. We created the United Nations, European Union, et cetera precisely so we don't bring out the guns every time we get into a little spat.

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Winning Position: Would having A Purpose In Life Help or Hinder You
Winning Position: They have emotions.

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Age: 25
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Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: High School

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