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RSS Manasvi

Reward Points:6
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5 points

very nice cute mini.......thats exactly wat i wanted to say.nd id like to add.....china has a lrge popu too but it used it as an asset and acheived delopment and all the younger generation in india does is sit and blame.......y cant WE work for wat WE want???

1 point

well..............if sumbody goes and eats shit will u do that too??? india is NOT afraid of challenges and if the violence of other countries crosses its limits india does reciprocate.......look at the kargil war!army is not abt dying for worthless reasons its abt dying while saving the is not made so that hundreds and thousands become orphaned and widowed for unneccesary reasons........its made so that these hundreds and thousands do not loose their lives. how wud U feel if ur dad died not because he was serving ur country by protecting the citizens but because he was destroying other countries????

3 points

thats not true. india is not afraid of challenges but it does not want to be violent. it is a peaceful country and i think that is one of the most important attributes neccessary to lead the world

4 points

yes i completely agree wid u shreeya. india has a great potential thanx to the younger generation

4 points

With a Language no one wants to understand:

ur wrong there dude........ppl r trying to lear hindi(which is an indian language) only b'coz they think india has the potential to lead the world. just last yr hundreds of hindi teachers were summoned abroad to teach hindi.and abt english. did u kno that many of the english words r derived frm sanskrit(again an indian language). like brother is derived frm brathra and mother frm matra.put ur facts rights b4 publishing them

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