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RSS Manav1112

Reward Points:21
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Nasa has proved that the world will not end so... :) I dont get why anyone believed it in the first place without solid evidence

1 point

Yes actually. And Sharks are vital creatures. They have been around for 890 million years and evolved 409 million years ago. A ancient species that we are going to eventually make extinct like many others.

1 point

Yes it can! They managed to beat Pakistan, US in the 1971 war so why not China now?

1 point

Yes, the quality, GDP, economy of products and country would rise only benefitting the country and not putting it in debt

1 point

With every communist or superpower there has always been a fall because of revolts, civil war or any sort of war. This WILL eventually happen.

manav1112(21) Clarified
1 point

Well then you are saying that india and china should impement more birth control and that would be possible after these threats are eliminated

1 point

Android is a FREE OS and is better in terms of speed and specs when compared with the price.

1 point

Apple computers limit what you can do, and are over-expensive and are a OS that can only be bought from Apple itself so I dont get the point of why people buy it

1 point

As Kinda said, westernization is the problem. A recent example: Walmart is being put in India, and that would cause small businessmen to go out of business and prices to rise

1 point

India is not a rogue state full of terrorists, has good food, good people, good culture, and good countryside

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