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RSS Marvel

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first of all this is a debate about who is the worst super villain not about comedians and actors and carnage would take Richard Dawson and slowly peel of his skin while he was still alive just to listen to his screams, then he would probably make him watch as he ate his skin.

1 point

WHO GIVES A HOOT ABOUT CRNAGE!? well I do for one and so do a lot of the other people. besides when was the last time joker ate anyone?

1 point

anyone can become a suicide bomber but carnage is a cannibal. these days you hear more stories abut suicide bombers than cannibals. plus whenever carnage kills someone he writes CARNAGE RULES on the wall with his OWN blood.

1 point

the joker can't even come close to carnage."Carnage justifies his acts of murder with an absurdist philosophy, based on the idea that the universe is essentially chaotic and that law and order are a perversion. He believes that even the average person can be like him, provided he has "guts". According to Kasady, all human beings are basically evil; most just won't admit it. His ultimate goal is for a society based on murderous hedonism and nihilism, with no law or moral order, and for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want.[19] Carnage seems to have little interest in such typical supervillain desires as wealth and world domination. He kills mainly for his own pleasure, but also sees it as a form of "art". Kasady takes pride when his actions gain media attention, saying "I'm not inspired by the media... I inspire the media."[20] He once told Demogoblin, in response to the demon's assertion that the universe is made of patterns and plans, that "Life is meaningless! Chaos! The universe has no center! Its creator is a drooling idiot!"[21] Like Venom, Carnage has threatened to devour some of his victims, such as threatening to tear Spider-Man's arms off and eat them in the novel Carnage in New York.[22]"

1 point

are you kidding the joker is more on the sanity level of the green goblin and carnage is way more unstable than him. for example when Cletus Kassady was just a kid before he even became carnage he killed his own grand mother by pushing her down the stairs and then his mother tried to kill him when she found him torturing her dog then his father tried to save his son and ended up killing Cletus' mom in the process then when his father was being tried for murder Cletus said that his father killed his mom for no reason knowing that they would give him the death penalty then he burnt down the orphanage he was living at. he then grew up to become a serial killer who killed strictly for fun but then he got the carnage symbiote from venom and since symbiotes enhance not only the physical abilities but also the violent and murderous tendencies of their host it multiplied his insanity by a lot.

1 point

i agree that he would win a fight but read my other argument with the mind bomb quote if you haven't already read the ENTIRE quote.

2 points

thank you this is what i have been trying to say carnage is hands down better than the joker as far as fighting insanity and just down right striking fear into the hearts of not only his victims but those who even know who he is. oh and i almost forgot he also beats the joker at being awesome to.

2 points

i think that carnage could easily beat the joker in a fight because he has all the powers of Spider-Man and he can shape the symbiote into bladed weapons that can also be detached and used as lethal projectiles, plus he also has tendrils that can be used to grab and hold people from a distance. I also think that carnage is way more insane than the joker because he kills for fun and even when he isn't killing he is thinking about how he is going to kill next. here is a quote from carnage in his comic book mind bomb.

"Well, let's begin... my name is Cletus Kasady and I kill people and I LOVE it. I know nine million ways to kill a body and I love every ONE of them. All dull day every day right up until I hit the hay I think of bodies bodies slit right up the middle and shared across a hundred nice little gardens. And when I sleep I dream of ways to kill a body that ain't nobody thought of yet. And occasionally I dream of mom and pop squirting into that old garbage disposal and just grinding and gnawing on the old man's skull.

You're probably asking... WHY do I kill... well, simple answer. It's PRETTY. Waking up in the morning and knowing you're going to kill someone... it's a BEAUTIFUL THING. Makes me feel like a GUNSHIP, like my engine's only turning over when I'm MOVING and KILLING. Makes me feel like God on the first monday morning.

I kill because it makes me feel like I'm on TV, with my own personal SOUNDTRACK. Like JFK, brains on the leather and pretty blood on his pretty wife. JFK. NBK. KKK. And his pretty WIFE, now think of it, all wet and humiliated, CRAWLING infront of the whole WORLD. I like THAT, too. When I was a kid, my favorite movies was the Zapruder Film.

I ain't INSPIRED by the media. I INSPIRE the media. I got VIDEOGAMES and TOYS and COMIC BOOKS just because I can KILL a body better than ANYONE. You wouldn't BELIEVE the hundreds of different ways a body DANCES once a BULLET'S been put in it. The SONGS they sing when you cut their throats. The PATTERNS they paint when you make 'em SQUIRT. It's ART. I kill because it's pretty. It's ART.

It's a DULL old world on the surface, ain't it? All grey and nondescript... but THAT'S a LIE. SCRATCH the surface and you reveal the REAL world, all RED and RAW and SENSELESS. And THAT'S the world I LIKE, the WORLD I SHOW you when I kill. The world I AM. I AM that man, eating human sandwiches at the bus stop... making Jefferey Dahmer eyes at the nice young boys, John Wayne Gacy hands a'twitching...

I AM those kids burning dogs and hobos in the dark alleyway. The woman cutting a hole in the tied-to-bed Mr. Goodbar and inserting a vacuum cleaner tube in his stomach. The wife shoving broken glass down the husbands throat. I'm the American flag on fire, the Founding Fathers crucified for a chat show, lies, cursed lies and government. I'm the end of the world as we know it and I feel like a DRINK.

I'm CHAOS. CHAOS and the rest of the world won't ADMIT that it's JUST LIKE ME. And because o' THAT the world is WORTHLESS, it's dirt on my HEEL. Love means NOTHING. It's a planet of mannequins filled with blood and they may as well be torn up and burst and stamped on because what ELSE are they good for? Apart from making noise and being NICE and making MORE stupid little mannequins that sit still for lies and TV and kissy-kissy GARBAGE!

I've told you about the WORST THINGS IN THE WORLD, because THAT'S what the world's made of. EVERYTHING is SICK! Am I getting THROUGH to you? EVERYTHING is SICK and I LOVE IT!!

You see... I'm not mad. CHAOS isn't mad. I've SHOWN you the REAL WORLD. Shown you CHAOS. And hopefully you went sane. But killing chaos... you can't kill CHAOS. And you can't keep it locked up for long."

Winning Position: who is more insaine or who would win in a fight CARNAGE or the joker

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