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RSS Matthewami

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Ignore the point that i can just stay up till 6PM and see straight up ass-to-ass BNE gay porn on HBO, or that i caught my siblings one day watching Metaloplyse on [ADULTSWIM] at 5pm, or that on the morning news they are permitted to show things as docile as a rape victim all the way up to a burned rape victim, or that my 10 year old sister came home with a copy of Show Falling On Cedars FROM HER PUBLIC SCHOOL, or that we passed like three dead bodies on our way home one day off the freeway, or that they report war reports on daytime TV.

Also include the point that Video Gaming is a hobby that is HEAVILY regulated by multiple organizations, including FCC, that take excessive measures to prevent "nonsence violence from reaching our teens"

3 points

Ok now, and read my whole argument and read it twice befroe you comment; gay, CHRISTIAN marriages should not be allowed.

By bringing this issue to the courts, the homosexual community is forcing a rule onto a private group! it is written in the christian rule set (of any form or branch of the following of Jehovah (Yes, that is His name), including Catholics, Jews, Mormans, ect.) that the bond of two souls of the same sex is unnatural, and as such is immoral. So here remains the issue; the Christians are upset because the homosexual community is FORCING, and not just by judicial means, their beliefs of unity onto another private party. It is written by the way in the most used from of the bible that it is an absolute sin to propose, follow threw, or allow a marriage of the same two sex's.

Keep in mind that i am not christian, but follow a similar religion that, while against the order of unnatural ethics, am for the furthering of the bondage of souls, and also believe that every soul finds it's way into each beast and its sex's.

The best speech i can think of to this subject is the episode of South Park when Big Gay Al was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for being openly gay. Look it up on Youtube, as i am too lazy to look it up for you.

"My house, My Rules"

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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