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RSS Mau5trap

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Are you tired of having to wear the same thing everyday? Ever dream of getting to wear something different? A lot of students do. I believe schools are forcing this uniform rule too hard on us. Don’t you agree? We can’t wear our favourite t-shirts, or any bracelets because of this rule. I believe we should be able to wear whatever we’d like. I mean, this IS a free country right? We are STUDENTS, not prisoners. We learn in a school. A safe environment where we can learn about life, science, math, and other new things.

One of the main reasons uniforms were made for us would be because of gangs. Actually, this rule WAS based on them. Children can still look gang-ish in uniforms anyway. They can sag their pants or wear large uniform tops. This proves that uniforms do not solve the gang problem. Gangs can still wear colored laces, or get a haircut with a gang symbol on it. This would start fights, or bullying at school.

Most uniforms would not be weather appropriate. Various schools do not let us wear hoodies, beanies, hats, etc. This is bad. Especially on cold winter days. Children could get sick therefore, they would not be able to go to school just because of a stupid uniform rule. I don’t find this fair. An article I read called, “Reasons Why School Uniforms Should Be Banned”, says “

People think that these uniforms make us, “equal”. Do you wanna be equal? I’d rather be unique and get to show off my style. These uniforms are breaking the first amendment. “Freedom of Expression”. We should be able to express ourselves throughout our clothing. People and teachers could get to know us better by what we wear and how we express ourselves. Schools tell us to be creative and to express ourselves but still, they’re not letting us wear whatever we want.

Would you like to know something CRAZY!? A Muslim girl was suspended from school in Oklahoma for wearing a headscarf. Yup, uniforms interfere with our religious beliefs. A lot of children or preteens in school may have to wear cultural or some type of traditional clothing. Uniforms do not let that happen.

These problems can be fixed though. There is something called a “dress code”. In my old school, back in the suburbs, it was a set of rules that told students what they could and could not wear. For example, (no spaghetti straps, baggy pants, short shorts...) That could be a solution to all these situations.

Also, why wear uniforms when you have clothes at home you can wear everyday? I think parents are spending too much money on these uniforms. My friend’s mom said, “When it was time to go back to school, I had to go shopping for a new school uniform. The material is really cheap and they are too much. I have to take most of the money in my purse just to buy at least two.” Coming from my own experience, my mom had to waste about $25 dollars on my uniform. I could’ve just wore the clothes I have in my closet!

Those are my main reasons why I think that school uniforms should be banished. They are uncomfortable, they interfere with our beliefs, they are breaking the first amendment, and they are too pricey. We will fight until this dream comes true. One day we will all get to express ourselves as individuals...I will keep fighting for these rights. We need, Freedom Of Expression.

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