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1 point

But it doesn't it allows Iran to save money with the nuclear power plants and the deal lifted sanctions. It allows Iran to acquire the money to research or even just buy a nuclear weapon from another country. This deal makes Iran a more powerful and modernized enemy that we will have to face sooner or later and by then Iran will have become a rich nation capable of putting up a fight or even a war against Israel or the U.S

Cameron G

(Didnt log in)

1 point

The Iran and US deal seems like it is a good idea, but it is a very bad move. How can the U.S be sure that Iran won't cheat. A deal can't be trusted with a country that wants to take over the Middle East. Iran agreed to provide inspectors more access to its nuclear program and allow investigation of suspicious sites, but there a no guarantees that Iranians'would hold this agreement. Another problem is Iranian leaders claimed that any deal not approved by Congress would be "nothing more than an executive agreement", and could be removed by a subsequent president, this is a very bad deal.

1 point

We don't need to go to war with North Korea because of the allies we have close to them. We will risk California being bombed. Trumps options are military, diplomacy, or economic sanctions so there is a big possibility that we are going to war with them. Soon we will have a dangerous choice of what we should do. We should prepare for the worst even if nothing happens. What could this mean to our allies that we promised we have their backs this is a big event.

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