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1 point

You provide none of said "proof" and do not provide any references to support your claim. Did you know that there isn't ANY documentary evidence showing The Final Solution. Not one written order was issued in connection with the Jews. So, what proof do we have? Hearsay evidence, and some pictures and videos that we are TOLD depict the deplorable conditions at the camps and how malnourished the prisoners were. But what if you found out that all the pictures and videos of malnourished prisoners were sick with Typhus in a quarantine section. Typhus eats away at the body and leaves the patient emaciated before his death. THAT is why you see mass graves with bulldozers pushing emaciated bodies into the earth. But don't take my word for it, research for yourself.

1 point

Anti-Semitism is alive and well because of stuff like the HoloHOAX. The Jews are easy to hate.

1 point

Do you know why Hitler hated the Jews?? As did much of Germany? I am sure the Jew media put some bullshit stories out there. But the truth is that Zionists betrayed Germany in WWI to have Israel established. Full story here, admitted by an ex-Zionist:

1 point

I am dead serious bro, and if you are as well, just watch this video:

If you are going to argue for the Holocaust, you need to debunk the stuff in this video. You want to use biased sources, you want to use Jewish sources, who have every reason to lie.

They made it up for MONEY. Did you know Holocaust survivors STILL get money from Germany? And did you know that Israel is supposed to get reparations in perpetuity, meaning FOREVER. So they have to perpetuate the lie.

Watch just the first 20 minutes of this one and you will want to see the rest:

Especially at 17:24, where a Holocaust survivor is caught lying red-handed.

It's not that I just choose to believe the deniers over survivors, it's that I've SEEN holocaust survivors lie, and you will too if you watch that video. I have SEEN the Holocaust evidence and I have seen how it is false, not because the denier says so, but because SCIENCE says so. One small example: in a book written by a survivor, he claimed that he had to get the bodies out of the gas chambers. So when he opened the door, in his own words from his book, bodies fell out and they were blue and purple from suffocating.

Now, common knowledge tells us that when people are choked, or suffocated, they turn blue. So the guy who wrote this book, when he made up the story, he claimed the faces were blue and purple because generally, that's the color they turn when suffocated. BUT, the Germans supposedly used Zyklon-B gas, and this is part of the Jew story. Death by Zyklon-B creates a pinkish reddish tone in the face of its victims. Now I saw the medical book listing the side effects of Zyklon-B as pinkish, reddish skin tones.

Listen, I don't just believe the deniers without researching them as well. I am on the side of truth. Quick example, in that video 6000000 Lies, they have a scene where Ronald Reagan says "I don't believe that many died, there were only 16,000,000 of them to begin with." Now, it seemed like Reagan denied the Holocaust, but that didn't sound right because no president in his right mind would deny the Holocaust. So I did some research and lo and behold, a deception. Reagan was talking about some genocide in Asia, not the Holocaust.

I am dead serious about this and I hope to awaken people to this great lie. I hope you will listen with an open mind because I am passionate about this and I spent a lot of time writing you. I am more than willing to answer your questions and guide you to accurate information. I hope we can discuss and debate this intellectually as the other people on here don't make any argument and don't provide any references to support their position. I just ask that you play fair. If I direct you to a video or article, please watch it or read it and I will do the same for anything you point out. I look forward to opening your mind's eye.

I am not brainwashed, I think critically and question everything. If you refuse to even watch these videos, and I hope you play fair and watch them, then you have to admit that you are brainwashed b/c you won't even listen to opposing points of view, right?

1 point

What bodies??? There weren't anything even close to 6 million. This is why the Jews made up the BS about gassing and cremating. It's the only way they can claim 6 million dead in 5 short years. And as for the camps, they can DEFINITELY be faked and ARE. This is why I post videos, if you watch them, you will see the deceptions. The camps existed, no question, but they were NOT death camps. There were no gas chambers, and Jews were sent there to work, not to die.

1 point

You DID see the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in video. You also saw the building after the explosion, so you do know it was attacked with a bomb. And you do NOT KNOW Timothy McVeigh did it, you choose to believe he did because you choose to believe the people that told you McVeigh did it. You do not know this for sure.

My standard for believing things is not limited to sight, I believe things SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE, and the Holocaust is not. Do you even know the other side of the story? If you arrive at your conclusions listening to only one side of the story, you're going to be wrong about everything, like you are on this issue.

How am stunted in my views?? I am the one with an open mind, that's how I am able to listen to ANY position, without rushing to judgment. That's why I can watch a documentary about the HoloHOAX. You are stunted, you just believe what you are told so you do not think for yourself. You need to question everything.

1 point

So you present no evidence and make no argument? You've shown nothing and exhibited a complete lack of the capacity for intellectual debate. Please refrain from posting nonsense that just wastes time.

1 point

Yes, and the purpose of LYING (not exaggerating, it's pure lies) is justification for Germany paying reparations to Israel and Holocaust survivors to THIS DAY.

1 point

YES, of course it is better. You really have to ask that question?? Is it better to murder 3 million than 6 million? YES, are you saying there is no difference??

AND, we are not talking about millions of jews killed, the Red Cross estimates Jewish death toll at Auschwitz at 270,000. This means that there was no Final Solution and the Nazis did not plan to kill all the Jews. EVERYTHING we think we know about Nazi Germany are lies and propaganda. Wartime propaganda does not stop with the war.

I am hoping to get some people to question history and do your OWN PERSONAL research to arrive at your own conclusion.

1 point

You presented no evidence to support your claim. And you are just another brainwashed sheep believing what you are told instead of finding out for yourself. It is not anti-Semitic to pursue the truth. This is more bullshit created by the Jews who own the media to help perpetuate the lies. I bet you don't even know the Holocaust denier's reasons, evidence and arguments that PROVE the Holocaust did not happen. So how do you know they are wrong?

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