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1 point

I think your argument is meant for the other side ._.

I'm no trying to be some smart person I just saying

1 point

I guess logically if you break it down, cares: form an emotional bond. So usually women are more emotional than men. Therefore form a more emotional bond which means they usually care more.

^These are very generalised statement

2 points

This argument is so childish and immature I wouldn't think that it was otherwise made by a child.

1 point

Yes uniforms also provide identification and pride. I guess an example of uniforms Promoting discipline is in the army, navy, airforce ect.

1 point

I guess in a way they "Promote discipline" but they don't always create it. At my old school we had a uniform but we had casual clothes days, on those day more rules were broken and we were harder to control.

1 point

People get "evolving from apes" and "sharing an ancestor" with them mixed up.

They are two different things, we share a common ancestor with apes (evidense we share 98% of DNA with them) but we did not directly evolve from them. This fact was twisted by religious groups against evolution

1 point

No it can't directly but it can provide financial security which can create a feeling of safety, this can lead to a relaxed life= happiness.

And in reverse a lack of money can lead to financial hardship which causes stress= less happiness

1 point

No, we don't need science to evolve, animals and other organisms have been evolving for millions of years we know this BECAUSE of science.

We can seethe world around us, we can see every morning the sun rises. But WHY? Science is the study of why and how things work. As long is there is curiosity there will be science.

2 points

Mandatory is not how I defined this topic, I interpreted it as should meaning to indicate duty. Children have a duty to look after their elderly parents. Like I said in my earlier arguments everyone's situation is different and I don't want to create rules that govern society. I just feel that looking after, as in regularly visiting or taking them to the doctor or out for a meal, is an admirable feat that could be considered a duty of children to care for their parents. Warranted it is not for everyone.

1 point

Only certain types of personalities are suited to the above professions/workplaces this is a fact regardless of gender.

Women should be aloud to apply for a position if they are not suited to the environment, they can leave just as males can.

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Winning Position: Yes, it's just human nature

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