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1 point

I look at it this way if you don't push your ways on me i don't say anything about them but when a fag at my school told me that people are born gay not choose them self's to be gay. I got a whole new look at it I hate fag's even more than i ever have and i don't know why. and i though about the born gay, that would mean I baby would have a 50% chance of being gay and straight people are the majority in the world as far as i know and by that it would leave a margin of 49% to 51% vice versa

0 points

aedm:"Look at your facts before you argue!Or find some!"

MisterGuy:You first! LOL...

aedm:"you didn't catch bush playing golf while 9/11 was happening"

MisterGuy:No, he was too busy reading a book about goats AFTER his aide said to him: "America is under attack."

But MisterGuy didn't you say aedm needed to find facts? No, he was too busy reading a book about goats AFTER his aide said to him: "America is under attack." sounds like something you made up because your venting because you didn't like bush.

I agree with some of your idea's on both sides but i think your both venting.

After awhile people began to love there government and not there country. if the government does not protect the rights of the people as we see fit, we have the right to change the government.

So for both of you I would stop loving the government and love your country more.

1 point

aedm is right. It's the Vietnam war are troops are dying for are country and Obama is the President and a advisor asks him if were taking are troops out our leaving them there, he answers hell if I know, and who cares I'm going to play golf".

3 points

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize... Do you think he deserved to win? No, when Hitler came to power, the German people believed that he would change everything, but did the world give him a Nobel Peace Prize? No. If somebody say's i was comparing Obama to Hitler you should rethink. I'm a American and i support my president no matter who he is even if i don't like him.

-1 points

Can any country defeat China if they went to war against them? Yes no country/empire is unbeatable:Greek empire, Roman empire, the British empire, and Nazi Germany. Russo-Japanese war, Japan declared war on Russia, even though Japan was out numbered and out gunned Japan won. Remember just because you don't annex a country doesn't mean you lost a war.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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