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1 point

Second main problem is that by watching these cartoons children will immitate the heroes, and here parents should always inform to their child this is not reality. The easy way to solve this problem is not to allow your child to watch it. There are many sort of cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Naruto, Kid vs Cat and many others, and in one series there are 32 violent scenes. Nowadays most violent cartoons may be considered Japan cartoons such as "ANIME".

1 point

Firstly a child who will watch such cartoons, will absorb everything seen. Cartoons won't effect on adults cause adults can define the reality from virtuality. It is well kown fact that violence in cartoons is widespread in nowadays. Parents should be aware what their child is watching.

1 point

In non nuclear families the main and distinct problem is low income. As we know problems with money are often stuff in such families. It can cause conflicts and quarrels and final result will be divorcement.

1 point

In fact people migrate in order to find better life opportunities. Moreover they are in pursue of new life and their favourite aim is countries with a high standard of living and favourable conditions.

1 point

Islam is not a terrorism.. Those who think so, they actually do not know about islam completely...

1 point

I absolutely agree with you at all. It is better to know you partner before you marriage, cause you are aware about you partners character, likes and dislikes. Therefore you will know how to amazae her or him. Also i agree with you quotation like " no one is forced to live life not only spend"

1 point

Barcelona will win the La Liga title this season.... Now Barca is 8 point ahead of Real Madrid and it is good result for Blaguarna... Season is underway and it will be ridiculous to say who will be number one...In any cause Barcelona has big advantage with 8 point gap...

1 point

Love marraige is widespread in the world, but arranged marriage occurs in those countries where religion place a main role (islam(not always but often)) , I mean not individuals will select a partner for themselves but parents will seek for them.

1 point

yes you are right but not at all. Besides all the statistics and facts that arranged marriage seems to be more successful and as you said "love will grow by time passage" majority of people will not choose this kind of marriage cause it is kind of artificial marriage without love, it is only beneficial in terms of financial stability that is all. Which one you will choose, I think love marriage.

1 point

lover marriages stays as a ideal sort of marriage and it cannot be substituted by arranged marriage in term of long love persistence.

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