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RSS Metza87

Reward Points:195
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1 point

yes and some can not be explained by any other means unless you have a open mind to the unknown. Let's hope that the goverment one day will admit they exsist in myy lifetime but I doubt it.

0 points

mainyl becuase people will ahck into any site. thse who say they don't are full of well crap. how may sites get hacked a day/ Too mnay to count.

2 points

Anymore it is everwhere. on tv,the radio on bilboards on liitle sings everwhere you look they are telling you to vote McCain or Obama. Heck I hear they may put vote McCain on the space shuttle. lol. Of course that is jsut a joke but stil lthey might as well.

1 point

Never seen it but i nthe previwes the aninamtion looked good.

0 points

The Un is jsut a joke. how many was ahve them stpoed,none how often do they prevent them,once in a blue moon. They don't have the might to even force what they tell people to do.

1 point

Put me off. They are arrgent ahve a big ego and want everybody to pay attetio nto them. Tha is a big put off I think.

1 point

Well it is something that would be sad news I don;t see it happeneing. Not that soemone will try between now and Novmemebr.

1 point

The wait si one problem theo other is hlaf the time they have no clue what you are talking aobut or are very rude to you.

1 point

Caddysahack> Love the gopher and well let's sjut say that is one really messed up golf course by the end of the movie. It also shows how bad snobs can be.

2 points

the galaxy is maybe to far but the solar system I can agree with.

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Winning Position: Unresolved

About Me

"same as metz87, Just could not log in and lost my password. 20 years old. I like NSACAR the pittsburgh steelers,reading,watching tv,and viedo games."

Biographical Information
Name: Chance Metz
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 44515
Education: Post Grad
Via IM: imchance

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