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RSS Mgbmere

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1 point

The U.S. and China are destined to go into an Economic War. Just last week, President Trump imposed tariffs on China. Rachel Layne says "President Trump wants to pick an economic fight with china." The U.S. Trade deficit with China is $375 billion, and Trump has called for China to shave $100 billion off that deficit. While this would only affect China's GDP by 0.1% (CNN Money), Trump has angered the Chinese government, and they have retaliated by saying if Trumps tariff go into place, the Chinese government will put their own $60 billion tarrifs on the UN. If this back and forth between China continues, the U.S. is destined to go to economic war with him.

1 point

NAFTA is good for America because it lowers costs on manufactured grocery goods. Since 80% of American jobs are in the service industry, outsourcing agricultude jobs to other countries would benefit Americans with cheaper groceries.

1 point

Exactly we froze their assets and blocked billions of dollars. Now we're handing them back money that in return will help fuel their economy. And, they are not "just like Americans." Our government does not support terrorism unlike that of Irans. And, our deal doesn't say they can't do research on nuclear weapons. We are giving them billions of dollars and ample time to learn about nukes. We didn't fix the hole in a sinking ship. We only put a seal on it for a short time. In 15 years, we're gonna be in even more trouble with Iran being more advanced in nuclear research than they were before.

3 points

We are not "funding terrorism" the money they are "receiving" is actually their money, we just froze their assets. Furthermore, the people of Iran our just like Americans, they don't support terrorist groups, their government does. This deal is the best way to ensure the Iranians are not building up a nuclear arsenal, and are only using the uranium they own for nuclear energy. Also, the uranium they own can only be enriched to 3.67%,, and is weapons-grade uranium has to be enriched to 90%. There is almost no downside to this deal.

1 point

Putting money into Iran and lifting sanctions helps funds terrorism and puts our ally Israel at risk.

1 point

We can never be at peace with terrorism. Iran is a ideological government who's leader has vocally stated he wished that he could "wipe out" Israel. Us making deals with Iran does not benefit the U.S. and puts our ally Israel in danger. This is a bad plan.

1 point

When people are chanting in the streets "Death to America" I highly doubt that they will reciprocate the favor of leaving us alone.

1 point

If people cannot agree now, why do you think they will be able to agree in 15 years on the issue? I think with time, people's opinions on the issue will only grow stronger and more disagreement will arise. As for the Deal, we should not appease terrorism and isolate our allies in the middle east. The leader of Iran said he wants to "wipe out" Israel. Threats like this should not be taken lightly. Iran is an unsteady and unpredictable nation with radical leaders. We cannot afford to make a deal with them.

2 points

For the most part, I agree with you. However, I disagree that this deal favors the U.S. over Iran. Iran will get anywhere from millions to billions of dollars in frozen assets, and in 15 years they will have full access of their nuclear weapons once again. I fail to see how the Iran Deal benefits the U.S. at all. Some may argue that it benefits the U.S. because it will prevent us from going to war with Iran, but the U.S. taking over Iran's nuclear weapons will only further hostility and resentment towards America.

3 points


The Iran Deal is a bad deal. While it will block Iran from making Nuclear Weapons for 15 years, once the 15 years is up, who's to say that with their new funded economy that America helped construct that they won't use that money to help build new bombs? This is dangerous even more so for our allies in Israel. This is a bad deal that will only help to fund terrorism.

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