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RSS Michiganboy

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2 points

lynyrd skynyrd, acdc, zz top, or !!!!!!!!!!KID ROCK!!!!!!

3 points

Yes it is acceptable in some circumstances. For instance, if a girl is forced to have sex of any kind than the dude that committs the crime should have his dick chopped off then spend time in prison. And of course the regular nuclear bomb threat deserves some torture if the masterminds behind the plan do not confess to where the nuke is located and how to stop it.

1 point

I think a school has every right to drug test a student in school. One reason is because chances are if a kid uses drugs, they are doing it in school as well as out of it. And not to mention, school sports are a big reason why schools do drug tests. My school and most of the schools around us test for sterroids and thats it. Not any other kind of drug. So for the sake of athletes and high school sports everywhere, i think that ATLEAST the athletes should be tested.

1 point

I think the video and of course the purpose and reasoning behind it is great! I love that part. but the song chosen is terrible in my oppinion.

1 point

HELL NO!!!! A person to committ suicide is a coward. Life, no matter what is never that bad! And yes the constitution does guarentee a person life liberty and the persuit of happiness but that is just it. It guarentees the PERSUIT of happiness. that doesnt mean you will actually achieve happiness. And as far as you giving up there "right to life," that statement is technically not correct. Because really the right of life is never given up or taken away. you still would have had that right no matter what.

1 point

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! there is no room for religioin in politics!! forget it!! they do not mix nd we should keep them apart.

-1 points

You are wrong. The governments loyalty is in fact to you. you may not think so but it is. If it were not, you would not be here. If it were not, our government and soldiers would not have fought for you to protect your freedom. Therefore, even if that still means they are not loyal to you, it does indeed mean that you sould be loyal to them regardless. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

0 points

Although our forEfathers rebelled against their country you gotta take the times in which events happen into consideration. First off, we are not being threatened or taxed for tea etc. This is a different time and every situation is completely different at that. And the only reason we are here right now is because our forefathers fought for a government they believed in and the only reason it is still standing and the only reason it is the strongest and best government in the world is because AMERICANS have stood by there government in good times and bad! That is what has made this country what it is today.

0 points

Just because a person disapproves of an interacial relationship does not make them a racist. I personally think there is NOTHING wrong with a relationship like this. However, if a parent has a white daughter that dates a black boy or vise versa and they are entertaining marraige, the parents should tell them that even though there is truly nothing wrong with her relationship other people in the world will think there is. She will run into people that call her and her husband certain names and not to mention the shit their kids will go through being biracial and all. that is the only valid reason anyone should ever be against a multi-racial relationship. But warning there daughter or son or friend etc. about not the possibilities but the certainties of the treatment they will undergo in a relatinship like this does NOT make them a racist.

1 point

no shit. anyone can attempt to invade the united states but if they do, we will fuck there shit up royal!

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