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RSS Mike3

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1 point

So does that also mean you think we should look down on those who fail to do such things? Even if their heart and soul are full of goodness and light? What if the person who "dropped out" wasn't a celebrity either but still full of goodness and light and love of humanity and all the world and out of that they did many good and sweet things for many people? It is that, that truly changes the world in ways more profound than we can possibly imagine.

I still agree though that we are totally obsessed with celebrities.

2 points

No it can't. Instead when used this way it works something like a drug. This can be seen by what happens when we try to get happiness with it. We find ourselves needing more and more and more to stay "happy", so it is not really making a true, lasting change.

1 point

I think so. We celebrate the high achievement they get, and it becomes our role model. However what we consider high achievement is rooted in the material, it is built on materialism. The more materialistic accomplishments, the better: more Money, more Cars, more Big Houses, more Gold, etc. In other words, the celebrity is the exemplar of materialism and materialism is what we value so much.

This is wrong, though. I do not accept the idea that materialistic achievement is what makes someone great. We don't have anywhere near that much attention paid to someone with a wonderful heart and soul who tries to bring light and happiness to others and to help them in troubles and who actually loves all the world, who upholds a high standard of morals (as in actually practicing them, not just talking about them), and more. Yet I believe it is these things that are what make someone great and certainly not the materialistic stuff.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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