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RSS Millylopez

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It's no longer 1789, it is 2021 and people have taken advantage of owning firearms for their personal use by killing people, killing animals, killing themselves, or causing injuries. The CDC shows there was 14,386 homicides by firearms, 23,079 people lost their battle to suicide using firearms, and 480 people were unintentionally killed by firearms in 2019.

Gun safety laws are put in place to keep civilians protected, to reduce gun violence, and crimes but the statistics show that gun laws in America are not living up to those expectations by allowing society to easily own a firearm meant to kill a target in various states. What do you think?

1 point

Hey Jody, personally I find your argument very interesting but let me tell you why "fools" think guns are bad for society. Gun powder was specifically made to attack opponents as far back as the 9th century. Through out wars, firearms were made to attack opponents, hunt animals and to kill. However, fire arms have killed thousands of civilians in the United States and the death toll from active shooters has risen since 2017 which had 39,773 deaths by gun-related injuries according to the CDC. The United States has the most firearms per capita resulting in ranking the highest in homicide by firearm rates among the world's most developed nations according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Guns have done enough harm to innocent and fortunate lives in America.

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