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RSS Missa3courtz

Reward Points:16
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i choose edward he is so much better and who would want to be friends with a stupid mutt. also check out my debate called Twilight mania!!!!!!!

5 points

most people get pissed off when other people talk a different language is because they get confused and the person talking the other language could be talking about him/or her.

well you are right but some peopel get so in love with vampires and stuff that they actually act like one and if it gets to bad they actually kill peopel and drink there blood i mean i love the movie and books but some people just take it to far!

3 points

to be honest i think it is i no people are like "whats the point none of its real" but even though it isnt real you can still imagin and wish twilight is grate. and its completely diferent to real life and thats what i like about it.

2 points

my name is courtney and i think a book is better than a movie because it lets you use your own imagination and it has more information here is a debate me and my friend melissa done for school:

Courtney: I think a book is better than a movie because the book gives you more information and it’s more interesting. It’s like the twilight series the books have so much more information and its so exiting.

Melissa: well to be honest I think movies are better because they only take a couple hours of your time when a book takes a couple days, and you have pictures in movies when in a book its plain just with pages and pages of writing.

Courtney: that’s a good point……… but my point is that books have more information, and lets you use your own imagination, it doesn’t matter that it takes longer to read a book just as you get the full story.

Melissa: yes that is true, however movies use your imagination with all the pictures etc. so it makes no sense all a book does is explain everything! Big deal!

Courtney: no movies don’t use your imagination you don’t get to choose what people look like. So are you going to agree with me or not?

Melissa: ok you have made a good point I still think a good movie is better then a good book, but the book does have their values for being better so yes I do agree with your theory.

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Winning Position: EDWARD CULLEN
Tied Positions: a movie is better vs. a book is better

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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