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RSS Missliberal

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1 point

However, walking around "clothesfree" is just asking for people to look at you with lust. Again, I would not judge anyone choosing nudity as a lifestyle, but it is not for me.

1 point

Most likely. Even without the Bible, life is living proof that God exists. There has to be someone above man.

2 points

Not in'd freeze! Nudism is only an option during the warm seasons in Canada and the United States. And I will say this again, human sexuality is for one's devoted/married partner and it is inappropriate to share our bodies with everyone we see!

1 point

I personally would not judge anyone who was choosing that life style. However, isn't sexuality something we should keep special for our married/devoted partner?

1 point

Yes Steve, I know that. However, he did not get to lead the opposition for a long period of time so, Canada wasn't given the amazing opportunity of truly knowing him as a leader. I think he would have been a wonderful leader however, Canada needed to see more of him.

1 point

I see where you are coming from. However, if we give the opportunity to vote to our youth, then they will become more familiar with politics and will be seasoned and experienced voters by the time they turn 18!

1 point

Yes! If one is intelligent enough to have a political opinion, one should be intelligent enough to put that opinion to use!

2 points

You are absolutely correct! Plus, youth are part of the country too, we deserve to be treated like citizens!

1 point

So technically you’re saying young people should have a voice; however people should just ignore it. If you want us to share our opinions, give us a ballad and we will!

2 points

You are stereotyping! Of course there's going to be gangs and riots; just like there was during the youth of the generation before us. However, just because some youth are mislead, it does not mean that all youth are mislead! Also, there are adults involved in riots and gangs; there are also adults who are involved in much worse things! You are being completely ignorant and I believe that you owe today's youth an apology.

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Winning Position: Liberal
Tied Positions: No, they shouldn't vs. Yes, they should

About Me

"I love the arts, linguistics, teaching/tutoring and debating!"

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Democrat
Country: Canada
Religion: Catholic

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