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RSS Missorange

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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Well, i'm neither emo or goth and i loved all of the books, what does that make me?

And she didn't just SLAP the name "vampire" onto these characters, they were well-thougth out, versatile characters.

2 points

haha...okay we're both wrong.

I agree, but they still aren't TRUE werewolves.

Yes, the movie is good but the books are better.

2 points

Excuse me but this movie and book IS based on vampires.

Just not your normal fangs and anti-garlic ones.

Stephanie meyer opened up that sterotype and created a new, fresh generation of vampires with personalities. :D

2 points

No, they weren't calling werewolves "lichs"

They aren't even werewolves, they're descended from werewolves...

1 point

Well not so much "look up her skirt" more to love her without killing her...

1 point

Yup, i am 100% proud of being irish, who wouldn't be?

Our country is steeped in incredible history that makes us who we are today.

We've come through a lot like our independence struggle and the famine but we're going okay!


2 points


Hurling and camogie are most certainly the most physically demanding sports out there. :D

1 point

1.Unlimited wishes :D

2.Health for me, family and close friends.

3.To be able to read people's thoughts and emotions

1 point

The simpsons all the way.

I think futurama is pure CRAP.

You just can't beat Bart.

Anyone that thinks otherwise can "eat my shorts" :D :D

1 point

Well, this question actually ISN'T about the minutiae of your everyday life.

Sleeping postions are supposed to tell alot about the p$ersonality and emotional stability from the position you form when you are subconcious.

So this actually has nothing to do with bathroom visits...why would that matter? Silly? Very :D

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Winning Position: No, they aren't
Winning Position: No they don't

About Me

"Hey i live in Ireland and go to secondary school (kinda like high school in america) and im a redhead. Play an Irish sport called camogie and im on the student council and am a prefect..."

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Ireland
Religion: Catholic

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