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RSS Mitchelleang

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From Jiasheng:

museums allow the future generation to see what the current generation faced and they get to see how the world developed as time passes. in addition, museums secure a spot as a tourist site as many tourists decide to spend time in the tours which is not costly. museums also give a safer and better understanding of a part of history. If people search up online, there might be lots of fake news. If one has a question during a live tour, he or she can ask the tour guide but it may take a long time to respond to the question. By then, the person might even forget that they asked a question.

Mmhmm, for sure. Do you have an example to support this point? For e.g., which artefact do you think might be most interesting to view live?

Ah, fresh perspective. this is very true, especially for countries which depend a lot on tourism for its economy. America is a weaker example but you can consider places like India which is considered to be very rich in heritage

Oh this is an interesting argument, I haven't thought of this. Indeed indeed. They do provide a safe space.

mitchelleang(20) Clarified
1 point

This isn't helpful. So answer your own question. Why are people spending millions on museums?

mitchelleang(20) Clarified
1 point

Better. Explain. Why is it better? What is different? I don't see your entire flow of thought yet.

mitchelleang(20) Clarified
1 point

What do you mean by interactive? Explain, explain. PEEL is about explaining.

Hmm... is this article supporting or refuting the question?

Supporting Evidence: Internet vs Museums (
2 points

INTERESTING POV. yes, why can't we just learn from internet? Do museums provide anything special?

mitchelleang(20) Clarified
1 point

Hmm... how? There is not enough explanation here and this is not in the PEEL format

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Winning Position: What are the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?
Winning Position: Yessir

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