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it seems slow to me lately. besides, i don't come online as much as i did a few weeks ago. i haven't even posted an argument in weeks. this could be my first. :P

0 points

she's starting kindergarten? already? but she's so small!! :O

0 points

maybe not punching slashing or shooting, but they have the right to act aggressively when the person in question does not listen. this person could cause the death of the other hundred people traveling with him on the flight. punching does sound slightly normal when the person goes 'can't you see i'm on the phone.'

0 points

Religion sets rules and laws that, if you break, you will be punished in the next world/ life/ existence.

that is not necessarily true. you could be punished in this life as well. or you could be punished after a few hundred lives.

Governments set rules and laws that, if you break, you will be punished for in this world/ life.

or sometimes it may let the criminal go free. in rare cases though.

0 points

i'm not American. and there's nothing in India to celebrate on the 4th of July otherwise as well. i celebrate a few other religious festivals which are celebrated by people around me (such as Christmas and a few others).

1 point

they have the right to forbid what they like. but they do allow airplane mode during most part of the flight. and we should be thankful for at least that. they require you to not use the cell when they're landing or taking off, because the usage does cause static disturbances with the ground control. and landing and taking off are the integral parts of flight. the rules and regulations are for your own safety. you should follow them when you're asked to do so.

1 point

if the debates are a few years older and full of older users(who didn't come back) with huge arguments posted, i think it would be difficult to find out where your other arguments in the debate are. it would be easier then, to have a new debate of the same or similar type with new arguments with new (and operational) users.

that way the debate could go on seriously and you wouldn't have to end up looking for your disputed arguments. and you would be able to debate with the users more easily.

1 point

if they're capable of taking up the space of two people then they must take 2 airline seats. its not fair for the passengers travelling beside them to be squished flat for 2 days straight.

1 point

scientifically speaking i think its the brain that controls what we like and what we don't.

the brain makes the heart pump fast or slow. and usually the chest hurts when you're in deep emotional turmoil, for eg. during a breakup that the heart muscles do contract to a greater extent. but it usually is based on the brain as to what the heart should and should not do.

although, figuratively speaking, loving with all your heart and from the bottom of the heart and all that is cute. but i think one should consider and weigh the possibilities regarding the whole 'falling in love' deal.

here again, i think one should look at all the pros and cons of falling in love with a specific person. when you love a person with your brain, then you could go ahead and fall for the person with all your heart.

1 point

it is possible for some specific students to listen to music while doing a free assignment.

but while in school when the teacher is teaching, i think it would help to concentrate only on the teachers voice instead of eminem, or avril or whoever you listen to.

also that is one reason why the teachers constantly try and ask you to stop blabbering with your friends. because you need to listen to what they have to say.

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Winning Position: God knows our Capabilities. Yet He Tests Us. Why?
Winning Position: Miley Curus
Winning Position: Beaches

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Name: Gargi Nimbhorkar
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Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Education: High School

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