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RSS Mithoo19

Reward Points:806
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I don't recall any story in which the Gods lie .

they do twist and turn thing but lying is not one of them.

1 point

no you can't. I tried arithmetic progression .

its kind of like 91 +14 = 105

the 100 is between 91 and 105

1 point

incitement to commit a crime should be direct, that is when it becomes a crime (if the crime is committed by the same person who was incited ).

In this case you would not be guilty.

you won't have to go to jail :)

1 point

killing a baby is infanticide, and infanticide can be broadly classified as homicide .

And homicide is illegal ,thus, its wrong

1 point

religion is a way of life, rather than a mental disorder whereas delusion is most of the times a mental disorder.

1 point

a movie has not been made on the justice league..its a comic book :)with superman, batman, flash ,hawkgirl,wonder-woman and martin manhunter

1 point


though all the books are fantastic but, harry potter is the best ,always:)

1 point

Can you see God no ,can you see aliens of course not

you can neither see the air but you know its there ..similarly you cannot see aliens but we know that we are not alone in this universe

1 point

you know this is one of the best sites ...:)

its that you are not online when others are :)

1 point

everybody is different from others are different in your own way

the more you think that you are boring the more boring you will get so think positive :)

still nothing works out for you then try something new or else try to remove your anger and sadness through a form of art or go out and play..and get some fresh air

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Winning Position: yes
Tied Positions: old phones vs. smart phone
Winning Position: no
Winning Position: no
Tied Positions: False vs. So true
Winning Position: False

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