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RSS Monica_hart1

Reward Points:6
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1 point

I am against the nuclear deal with Iran. The deal ends after 15 years, Iran can change their minds and start building nuclear weapons once we are out of their hair. Also, Iran can keep enriching uranium until its ready to be made into a bomb. Iran is a sponsor of terrorism and we are trying to trust them with a deal that is very important to the united states government.

1 point

I agree in order to improve this deal the agreement should last longer than 15 years. Even though Iran has yet to cheat who knows what they have up their sleeves.

2 points

We need the Constitution to give our country structure. The Madisonian System will separate powers and provide a system called checks and balances. We are falling into debt because the national government doesn't want to tax the people. A central bank and central government with a standing army is what the states need.

1 point

i agree with you. The only reasonable argument or option is to launch a strike.

monica_hart1(6) Clarified
1 point

The point of the strike isn't to get rid of the military or kill anyone its just to break the toys that Kim-Jong Un created.

1 point

The u.s should launch a military strike to get rid of the reactors and processors that are being used to produce plutonium and uranium. The other options result in us still being targeted with missiles or showing that we are weak. Withdrawing doesn't make sense because North Korea will just try attack us once their weapons are produced. Negotiating will not work because the Koreans never go along with their treaties, so they wont be well at coming to an agreement.

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