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RSS Monkeyboy142

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Well Communism does not have freedom. And The government ,which owns the market in Communism always fails. Just look at history. And capitalism has freedom and that makes risk which makes people choose things more carefully.

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Well move to cuba .

There I change it .

No what there supposed to do is lower taxes

so that business grows with no spending which makes no dept. And creates jobs so that they can pay there bills and food expensive. Oh, whats the out come. Lots of jobs, no dept , no hunger and happy people .

And any way the goverment borrowed to much. Thats what got us in to dept not corporations.

It can be hard work to think of an idea. And it creates areas so workers can work. Creating that area is hard. And making jobs and lots of money is there job. And they give more than any small business tax dollars so they generate more money getting us out of dept.

Well good ideas beat hard work thats why companies get more money. You think you would notice that by what your saying unless your and a idiot.

Yes you do need some loans but loans rates would be lower if obama did not make are AAA rating turn to AA+.

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