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RSS Mosc

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mosc(71) Clarified
1 point


You simple brain dead idiot. Jews do not live as a race. Some Jews have white skin, others have black skin. Some Jews have western eyes some have slanted Chinese eyes. Idiot. Torah teaches spirituality, not vile Nazi racial theories. Fool.

mosc(71) Clarified
1 point

Idiot. Moshe is not the father of the Jewish people. Learn how to read - Moron! The name palestine - its a European word, employed by empires to justify their predatory imperialism. Idiot.

mosc(71) Clarified
1 point

You dumb ass arrogant stupid mother fucker! You self righteous pig! Your declarations about ancient history don't prove shit! Idiot.

mosc(71) Clarified
1 point

Well stated joker43. These subhuman pricks need to have their dicks cut off to protect the human gene pool.

mosc(71) Clarified
1 point

Well written joker43. These pathetic retards need to get their dick cut off to protect the human gene pool.

1 point

2. Bunk. Am Segula does not translate as chosen people. Segula means - power to change ones' luck. Avram had no children and became the father of a multitude of Goyim/nations. Yitzak confronted with the real possibility of becoming a Bar BQ to heaven, poof a ram gets its horns caught in a near by shrub. Yaacov meets up with a hostile army headed by his brother who has sworn to murder him ... poof Esau runs hugs and kisses Yaacov upon their greeting!

The language chosen vis of vis Israel does exist in the Books of the Prophets of the Hebrew T'NaCH literature. It meaning: strictly and only applicable to the Cohen nation!!!

3. Bunk on Nazi 'blood lines'. Torah teaches spirituality. Any person on this planet earth can convert and become Jewish.

4. Bunk on Nazi 'blood lines'. A Jew in 1953 discovered DNA and developed the science known today as genetics!

5. Bunk. The vast majority of Jews today - not converts.

6. Bunk. DNA does not determine the Jewishness of a person. Halacha determines the Jewishness of a person.

7. Bunk. A continuation of the Nazi bull shit blood line dumb ass stupidity.

8. Bunk. Chosen People refers to the Cohen nation - vile ignorant stupid dumb ass.

1 point

During the Kennedy Bay of Pigs stupidity, the CIA gave false and bad info. Trump has fired the heads of both the FBI and CIA, yet when he publicly declares in a sit down with Vladimir Putin that he did not trust his intelligence services - everybody in Washington had a shit fit!

Simple people like excon assume that government bureaucracies do not house corruption. Idiots like this despise the idea that Bush and Cheney pulled of the 9/11 attack as a way to justify the US vile/illegal invasion of Iraq.

1 point

Tell it to Al Gore and his hysterics about 'climate change'. The "scientists" know who butters their toast! Remember all the evidence and proof Bush war criminals presented to Congress which proved that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Reactionary dumb asses never learn!

1 point

Bunk on these idiotic labels: Demorats vs Pubic hairs - Tweedle Dee vs Tweedle Dumb. Liberal vs Conservative. Free enterprise vs. communism blah blah blah!

The shit hole of the US economy today ie the over 20 trillion dollar debt did not happen over night with the election of Trump! Dumb ass reactionaries.

2 points

ohhhhhh excon considers himself a psychic... more like a psycho he appears to me! The Fed Government has a 20 trillion dollar national debt. If it does not start reducing the Patronage system socialist bullshit which Post Civil War Washington has embraced hook line and sinker, then Amerika its going to go the way of humpty dumbty who sat upon a wall and had a great fall.

States Rights Washington Bites.

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