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1 point

well this is beyond sources for the validity of the bible. but there are a few points i can still argue if you wish to put aside the search for proof. i mean obviously if you were interested into God you would just as easily find sources to prove his existence as the argument against it.

one the roman empire was strongly anti Christan until later, some time after Nero who was documented for burning Christians alive as candles. but yes later Rome adopted Christianity as its official religion.

as for indoctrination, its curious to see what denomination you studied under. for there are many denominations who have other agendas tied to their teachings that are also considered inaccurate to the Christan world, for example jw's, Mormons and so on.

and for not worshiping a a all powerful being because they should not require it or is the mark of a Deva i dont agree. God does not require our pray, it is simple pleasing to him. its ultimately a way of talking to him because God explains it is a way of reaching him. as for him wanting conversation making him a Deva is wrong, he wants a relationship with us because he made us. well we can argue more on it later.

and heres an other site that could be of interest to explain my stance on things, it is a Christan site arguing for the existence of God with a load of different topics. read if you wish

Supporting Evidence: Evidence on God from Science (
1 point

Lol your the second person to attack me on this. this post by me was over a year old and it was filled with sarcasm and idiocy. America would probably win, mainly out of ganking, and of course we still have a superior military.

1 point

first of all, usually you find truth from accounts of what people wrote and preserved, this is called history. but OK heres some sites.

and surprisingly it may seem to you. there is no religious bias or zeal in it. so you may find it acceptable to read.

Supporting Evidence: Non Biblical Proof of Biblical Events (
1 point

fist of all i have been given proof of God through the site i listed. As for your scientific chronology of existence. it is not absolute and is only a theory of existence. scientist still have not and never will answer how the universe or big bang happened or why, how life came from no life, or that we absolutely evolved from a lesser species of primates. while it is popular information that is commonly recited as fact due to the growing age of atheism. it is still not absolutely true or provable the claims science suggest. scientist forget they are just observing the laws of nature, not making political or spiritual claims. until it is completely feasible that science has for sure proved a non divine intervention or creator of greater power than us created our existence. scientist only make a guess or suggestion.

1 point

again. your opinion verses profound intellectual theologians. you may think your cute with your whole pasta Deity but again you have proven nothing to show your made up Deity is more reasonable than God.

as for your remark about god giving birth to himself and all. your right, i did not become a Christian by reading the story of a talking burning bush, no one would. nor would you believe that a 4 ton metal object that flew hundreds of miles than dropped a small object the size of a couch that once hitting the ground killed 75 thousand people instantly. anyone can dumb down or mystify a situation beyond belief. and if you did not know what i was talking about, i was talking about the nuking of Hiroshima.

i became Christian by asking the big questions, why am i here, who created the order of the universe, who left absolute laws like mathematics or the ability of the discovery of science, who or what created life. things unexplainable by science, through a long process i came to believe that the Christan God is the most reasonable explanation for existence.

4 points

yes they did, you must be referring to the Judges of the Hebrews who would rise up and slay Israel's enemies. however the difference is. while the Koran calls for the conversion, segregation or slaughter of all infidels regardless of ethnicity, culture, or time period. the Judges were brought up as warriors to liberate Israel from oppression, slavery, immorality. so the Judges were noble, admirable, the caliphs or followers of Muhammad, hostile, cruel, oppressors.

1 point

i don't understand how any one who fights to reinstall a religious oppressive government based off militant inhumane ideals could be considered a freedom fighter. sure fighting for the freedom to reenact intolerant religious law.

1 point

well deport would make sense. but i have an other idea, lets secure our borders so were not dealing with international crimes in the first place.

1 point

well star craft (a video game) is a national sport in south korea, anything could happen.

1 point

yes if both sides agree to it, as i mentioned in the next sentence, but honestly, how many children do you know or parents that would allow their child to have sex with an adult, as i also said. no government does not mean no morals or parent leadership. kids are still at the whim of their family.

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