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Hard to show? I'm assuming you've actually read the Bible. Try looking at even just the first two chapters of Genesis. The first chapter tells one version of how the world was created and then the second chapter starts over with a different version. In the first version, God creates plants, then animals, then man and woman. In the second version, God creates man first, then plants, and then animals so that man would not be alone. God creates woman last as a mate for man. The "bible full of contradictions" line IS an easy statement to make because it IS easy to show.

47 points
"God" is not an acceptable answer for everything. It's drawing a line in the sand and saying that you need to have faith to cross. The Bible doesn't do an adequate job of explaining things either. There's hardly any part of the Bible that isn't contradicted by some other part. If a math book told us that 1 + 1 = 2 on one page and then three pages later said that 1 + 1 = 3, would we use that book? Would you build bridges or fly planes based on what we learned from that book? If a medical book told us on page 5 that the heart pumps blood through the body and then on page 205 said that the liver did that, would you want a surgeon operating on you to use that book as his guide? Yet we are told that we are entrusting our "eternal souls" to the teachings of the Bible. If we fail to properly comprehend this contradictory useless old book, we risk being punished in Hell forever. Because "God" loves us so much.
I have friends who are very smart who say that they believe what they find in the Bible and it always amazes me. Even without explaining things scientifically, anyone who actually reads the Bible with open eyes and more importantly. an open mind, can't help but walk away knowing that the Bible is just a book. It's a collection of roman a clef fables that have no relationship to the real world.
If the Bible is really our "instruction manual", everything should be taken as writ and God, in the words of Lewis Black, is a prick.
2 points
Who ever heard of a politician playing fair? I don't think Hilary's political strategy is disgraceful - it's the norm. I'm not condoning it but that's what politicians do - mudsling.
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Age: 11
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