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RSS Munster

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1 point

Who is this brainwasher that you speak of? And whats with the sucking of the cock? You shouldn't put your hobbies on here dumbass. I am just tickled that obama believers like you want to believe that obama is not the worst... If he wasn't then WHO THE HELL WAS? other than carter. Explain to me how he is not, word for word.

1 point

Holy crap obama is putting us in more twice as much debt everyday than bush, he has made 0 accomplishments and plus he has us in more debt in 3 years than all the presidents combined what does that tell ya? Or maybe that our vets or old people mean nothing to him or how about BOWING to another leader? Is anybody not picking this up?

1 point

Thank god someone who sees the light! lol........................

-1 points

Republicans they do because they are smarter they are more patriotic and theyd rather let the people make the decisions not the govt. GO GOP! Rick Santorum 2012!! Sarah Palin 2012! Donald Trump 2012! Dems have 0 balls and use 0 facts in there arguments alot of the time.

1 point

This is a free country it is and thats not necessarily fascism its more socialism and im sorry your too brainwashed to see this.

If all the competition was destroyed then why didn't he move? There are options I agree big government is a terrible thing but I can imagine there are other options, why didn't your mother get a job also?

When you say a responible customer you mean?.. Credit card companys just don't "rape" bank accounts for no reason so that part is not adding up?

Again I go back to why didn't he leave the area or why did your mother not get a job?

If he can have a credit card then why can't he take a loan out? You socialist types usually would think that spending more money would help debt.

If he was smarter than me then why didn't he excell in any of the options listed above it's not completly impossible. And btw IM STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL and I can keep up with you..? Soo?

So if I worked at McDonalds (which I don't) they could physically keep me there? Bullshit.

Explain to me how IM the ignoramus or a hypocrite? Like id watch cnn,cnbc,msnbc,nbc they are better? again, bullshit.

When i get enslaved by corporatism? IM not the "person" who stayed with a freakin company for so many years and didn't even attempt to make a change? And IM going to get enslaved by it?..Bullshit.

But loans can be a temporary fix until you can excell in a personal business.

Yes im a hick not a redneck, two different things btw. Well this hick seems to be telling you off?

Ok if your GRANDFATHER started there in 1903 by did you neglect telling that in your main argument.

Wow im suprised that you can tell me that there were 0 jobs that would fulfill his salary in that area at all? Wow.

This country is capitalist it is i can promise you that we are just using socialist policies.

Did I once say I was better than you? Once? Everybody is equal other than fags. Congrats you are both my seniors but your the first ive met with 0 wisdom.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA im not going to sit here and tell you that corpratism doesn't suck because it does but corps do produce jobs and wheather most of us like it or not it puts food on the table.

If your father was not willing to follow other options then he should have just grew a set of nuts, manned up and delt with it the best he could. And you have no right to tell me what I can and can't say on here. And im not cheap and I don't appriciate that expectation therefore your telling me your better than me?

I can be civil but you have to admire the options America provides.

-1 points

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, When the govt is big it has a big desire to spend did you not look at ours lately? OK explain to me how discussing extreme socialist policies in Iraq or China shows I don't know what socialism is. Didn't you understand my point for posting that about our four fathers? We werent discussing THAT congrats but I was trying to show an UNDEREDUCATED RETARD like you that if our four fathers came to get away from socialism then WHY WOULD IT WORK FOR AMERICA? Why would be turn to socialist policies if the founding of our country was met to eliminate the socialist way of life? Since you argued with 0 facts in your last arguement I would just stop now if I were you, you know you lost a long time ago. Cause I can argue just as long as you presenting more facts than you because I am correct and YOU are not. "It's like arguing the finer points of shakespeare with someone who doesn't know how to read..." You just proved my point with that statement. Im not saying that canada or the U.K aren't socialist im saying they don't have EXTREME SOCIALIST POLICIES. Until you can put a true fact based arguement I would just stop. Capitalism is the way to go for a free country like America.

0 points

This is a free country asshole nothing absolutely nothing held your father back from quitting his job,why didn't he start his own business? huh tell me that? The corporation just strongly suggested that he stay with the company. "He didn't quit his job because he couldn't." Bullshit if he was so experienced why didn't he start a business himself? It's a pure example of being a dumbass, unless it was the military keeping him thats different but no business's can force their worker's to stay simple as that. Im not here to insult you or your father but it's kinda showing how the both of you are dumbasses there are other options but im sure he was so stuck in his own train of thought that he didn't know there was. Did he ever think other than staying there all his life why didn't he launch his own business why he was still working there , and once his small business got strong enough to pay the salary he desires then he CAN quit his job. Now I know your going to give me another bullshit arguement but you and your father must remember this is AMERICA if he didn't like big corporations why did he start there in the first place? Couldn't he ask for a promotion or a raise? Im going to respectfully ask you to tell me why capitalism sucks? This is beside our previous arguement. Im not going to tell you to go "fuck yourself" but i am asking you to admire other options now your right he couldn't leave the corporation but if it was so bad he could admire other options. Im tired of arguing with people who really don't know what they are talking about (im not targeting you on that). And I appriciate the fact that you have the balls to tell me how it is but "some shit you wrote" well it's not shit it's facts and maybe it's not related to this arguement it explains how capitalism works instead of redistributing what I already said you can just scroll up and read it then we can take off from there. I wrote my arguement you just need to look at it. Now im not so stupid because i got my "lazy arrogant coward" ass and wrote something because i got on this website to write 2 sentences for everything uhh no. We can argue like children and call each other names or we can argue with each other like adults and argue with facts? Its your choice we can contine arguing like children. Im willing to be civil and agree to disagree. When did I say I believe that "our system of corporatism allows for freedom.." When did I type that? Now this is "some writing" read it.

0 points

So if we had a small govt we would not be in 14 trilion dollar debt..correct! Thats why i said that "Big govt FALLS UNDER SOCIALISM" No lets not go to canada or the U.k lets go somewhere that has extreme socialist policies like IRAQ OR CHINA and tell me this yes or no are there people happy with there govt are they really? Why do people come to America for freedom? BECAUSE CAPITALISM MADE THAT POSSIBLE! Our four fathers were NOT SCOCIALIST THEY WERE CAPTIALISTS LEAVING THE SOCIALIST WAY OF LIFE IN EUROPE,What part of THAT didn't you understand? I never said you judge a govt by its size i said socialism 10 to 1 has everything to do with big govt, apparently your not reading everything im typing? "Those are not socialist functions" Well they are when the govt is dong it all. Why didn't the state of michigan give the taxpayer bailout with a vote of the people wheather they are aloud to do so? THAT IS A PURE EXAMPLE OF SOCIALISM. When did i say budget management? I said a 14 trillion dollar debt how is that managing the budget? EXPLAIN that for me since im the undereduated one who uses little facts for there argument and uses socialism like its freedom? O wait thats you! Big government is just a catchphrase? Our govt was designed to control the nations spending (which they have failed to do), protect the people by deployng the military when needed, and to protect the values and the constitution of the constitution itself. Where does it say that the govt can regulate you and tax you to the point where you can't run your business or truly be free? 99 times out of 100 big govt equals socialism. DUDE you don't know what your talking about that is the truly amusing thing, you really believe what your saying is correct when the fact of the matter is that it is very incorrect.

1 point

See your lacking facts which lacks a good arguement, when the hell did i say anything about coming here for the land, dude you need to rethink what arguement this is? really..?

1 point

Actually dumbass that shows you how stupid you and your grandfather were, who forced him to work there? and why didn't he quit his job and get a different one where he could retire? Are you retarded? Look at my arguement with (gcomeau) above your comment and read the whole damn thing that should save me some time with you.

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"I am a conservative patriotic American who knows that obama sucks and Ronald Reagan was the best president ever. I of course live in America, Eastern America. Democraps usually never know what their talking about. I say we impeach obama then say "Yes we did"!!!!"

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