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RSS Musiclovr

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2 points

"7. The Law of Biogenesis states that only living matter produces living matter, hence life cannot have evolved from non-organic matter, as a theory of the origin of life based on evolution would require"

Except for this argument, I completely agree. Excluding the religious explanation of the creation of life, where did life come from? Look, I'm Christian and I believe that God created life, but let's say that God didn't exist, how would life be created?

1 point

An embryo has a heart beat after eighteen days after conception. EIGHTEEN DAYS!! You don't even know you're pregnant at that time. If you abort, you stop a heartbeat. That is killing, murdering.

1 point

What the f*?! How would homosexuals ever cause an earthquake? It is almost impossible for people to make an earthquake (except for this one time when people cheered for some football guy so loudly, it was recorded as seismic event). If you believe in God, He would never do this, before the Apocalypse, that is. And for the people that don't believe in God, there is no explanation I can think of. This is just a homophobic joke and whoever is the creator of this makes me freaking sick.

1 point

Wow, I did not know that, then again, I don't really care about that, but it is extremely interesting that Hitler is Catholic

1 point

Hitler wasn't just any atheist, he was an extremist that killed Jews. No one should compare atheists with people like Hitler, they are completely different things. Please don't even JOKE about that.

1 point

I think current nuclear power plants are not safe. They don't just poison us now, but they will scar the earth as its everlasting stench of life-threatening radiation scours though the ground. People should really look into things like, my favorite, laser inertial systems and such.

2 points

What do gays and drunk/drug addicts have to do with each other? This is clearly a homophobic offence to compare gays and drunk/drug addicts "badness" to homophobics

1 point

Look, I am Christian and I have been in numerous churches. I know when I say "everyone will see anything in the Bible." Every priest will have a different preaching for the same text. Usually, the lessons are similar but there is always a twist, another way to think about it.

1 point

Basically, it depends on what one means by a "benevolent" God. If by benevolent, we mean fair, then yes, He would send us to Hell. Is it fair (no offense to ANY Nazis) for Adolf Hitler, the perpetrator who caused the Holocaust, to go to Heaven? Also, would it be fair for someone to receive awards from a person or people that someone doesn't know over another that does? It really isn't fair. However, if a benevolent God means an all-loving God that just "forgives and forgets" for everything, then He wouldn't send anyone to Hell. However, this is a very unlikely reality. We, as humans, sin so much, that even an all-forgiving God would send us to Hell.

1 point

If we continue to allow the death penalty, we are no better than the murderers and rapists that we punish with the death penalty. Killing the criminal would just make others angry, since there are other ways to take criminals out of the streets, like life sentences. Also, this could inspire modern-world vigilantes and gang members to have an "eye for an eye" mentality, which means that they will return violence and murder with violence and murder. They will think that if the government does it, it's right for them to do it. And what about the criminals' families? What will they think when they're family member has been murdered by the government? Criminals, as bad as they may be, do have families. The death sentence is just one of those things that makes the cynics right, it is a disgrace to fix a problem with murder.

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