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RSS Nahga

Reward Points:81
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1 point

----------------------------yea, and you can kiss my ass. seriously

nahga(81) Clarified
1 point

ppl also seem to be terrible when it comes to minding their business on the internet. i can tell you know what that means. it adds up to nothing because i'm bored shitless with this lame ass website. my only purpose for joining was religious debate and really there is not very much of that and when there is, atheists always win. do have fun though. i'll leave you to it..

1 point

__________________hope you enjoy the rest of the week. out_ . .

1 point

there's just no way to shut you up is there? i'm not here looking for meaningful relationships. but one thing i am looking for is worthwhile debate and dialogue, not trading childish snipes and other grade school bullshit. i havent responded to your messages because i haven't bothered reading them. being enemies on a website is like being enemies with the boogie man, obviously i dont have lots of patience with annoyances. too many trolls in the world. if you have no actual argument, maybe you might refrain from replying to them.

1 point

So, umm............Does that mean the ten commandments don't apply?

1 point

you can persuade a person of anything if you have the logic or evidence to back it up. if you don't why would you make such claims in the first place?

did you know the big bang was first theorized by a preist? it is the explanation that best fits the observable evidence, thats why it's accepted science. not because 'all scientists are secretly christian'. or 'atheist'. atheism has nothing to do with it. either you can back up your claims or you cannot, and if you cannot, there is no logical justification to believe them.

1 point

when his empty argument reaches a dead end, he gives advice on how to discover the wilderness. when nonsense hits a brick wall god screams a death scream of nonexistence.

2 points

so god lets you figure out how to help cure yourself of progeria? god lets you figure out how to stop from being raped and killed as a child? you completely missed the point. i mean completely.

i've known theists to make excuses that are transparent but you don't even make the effort.

nahga(81) Clarified
1 point

I read and properly addressed your entire post. how is my etiquette improper? what i would like for you to do is allow someone else to reply to the same argument I replied to, because maybe you would be more receptive to a less technical rebuke. or at least you might be better be able to understand it. 90% of what I say flies over your head, then you claim to understand it but you never even attempt a contextually appropriate rebuke. something you could do in the meantime is look up 'confirmation bias'.

3 points

'The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways.' So Do Gods That Don't Exist!

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Tied Positions: No, he does not. vs. Yes, he does.
Winning Position: Critical thought leads to it.
Winning Position: Seriously man, are you serious
Winning Position: God condones rape.
Winning Position: No, Not that I'm aware of.

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