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RSS Natara

Reward Points:31
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Junk food and Non-nutritional food should be banned from public.

- It makes the kids obese

- Mentally no energy, depress them

- It gives negative energy that leads to hopelessness at very young age, loss of enthusiasm, getting old at early age.

1 point

Bullying build negative character. It should not encouraged in any form. People need to know, how it affects other person.

1 point

Students should wear uniform. It shows unity in them regardless of their background.

1 point

Yes, Vegetarian diet is the best choice to be healthy. It contains all nutritional element in it.

0 points

Yes. Supreme court should ban violent video games. Video games make the kids struck with one thing and it induce negativity, violent in their minds. As a responsible citizens we have to sound against violent video games.

0 points

No, Never. The purpose of school education is to prepare the kids for their growth, maturity, happiness and so on. How it would be voluntary ?

2 points

They should include all of them. But it should not be mandatory. It has to encourage kids to know about other culture and traditions. It makes them knowledgeable, open and flexible. We are moving towards globalization world, it necessary to learn about other religions too.

2 points

Not necessarily. Male & Female are not going to live in different planets. They have to face challenges between them everyday. Both are depend on one another. Schools need to educate how to have better relationship between girls and boys. It will help them in their future career or personal life.

2 points

Style is nothing but your attitude. The courage to face challenges. The way you behave and respect others.

4 points

Yes, Definitely. God is the presence, faith. There is nothing to believe or not to believe. It is only faith, feel.

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Country: United States

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