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RSS Navknijjar

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1 point

no its not of mines.

and here comes my answer for your next question..

i am not against scientist, until they go beyond their limits.

we can see that today people are thinking themselves as god.

they are just bringing out the negative things.

its no bad in working on god's creations but its bad to challenge.

today man is doing dat.

he's started to interfere in the things which were earlier held by god.

now you can even give birth to a child outside the womb of mother. which is completely unnatural.

man is the creation of god.

and the thing shouldnt compare itself with its creator.

i wish you get what i am trying to say.

1 point

i think you better go and read "CONVERSATION WITH GOD"

its a good book for people who think god is mean and makes us suffer.

you knw we are the reasons for our sufferings.

do good posses good.

god luvs its every creation and why not.

if we create a thing then we would luv that thing more than anything and i think you can realize that in your own life.

1 point

i think you should better go and read "CONVERSATION WITH GOD"

its a gud book for people who thinks god is mean and makes us suffer.

you are the one and only reason for your sufferings.

do good posses good.

1 point

i can speak three languages.

first my mother tongue, Punjabi.

second the international language, English

last but not the least, Hindi

i like to converse in three of them.

it never felt hard for me to speak either of it fluently.

1 point

i knw hindi and punjabi and english.

i am too gud at punjabi cuz its my mother language and m nt behind in hindi or english.

i can speak them as fluently as my mother tounge. and i feel proud that i was born in india. thats why i got the oppotunity to learn three of these languages.

1 point


god exists.

thats the reason we are sticked to earth. you may say it that its the gravitational pull but according to me its the gods thing.

god is the creator.

we are the ones who are exploring his creations. so who is the won who wins.

i think affcurse the creator.

like if a person has created a modal. and the another tries to understand it.

then who is true and superior.

affcourse you knw the answer.

okay nw listen to a story.

one day the scientists challenged god that humans have achieved everything and nw they dnt need Him(God)

God asked to prove it.

then a competition held of making a human.

scientists agreed to it.

before the competition the scientist started gathering the soil.

God came and asked to throw the soil away.

scientists got confused.

"if you don't need me then why you need my creations"

thats true.

4 points

aahhh so the debate is getting hot here. i dnt knw why you all are just fighting? you all are saying things like you all are the world's best astrologers. i think leading the world is not the main motive of India. its main motive is to give food to the starving one, give clothes to the naked one. give shelter to one who doesn't have. In case if you are talking about the per ca pita income, India is working on it that's why its rising poor to middle and soon middle will rise to richer section of country.

while we are talking about usa and other countries, they are rich no doubt, but their richness is just the stolen one. they might think that they have got superior minds but i wanna knw if they are superior then why are they just giving the jobs to the indians? i guess you might be with no words at the moment. we indians can work better than you. you are rich still fighting with other countries to lead the world. we are not rich still we give our best. don't you appreciate the fact that we have such a great variation of religions and still we are keeping a gud pace with development. you people can't do that. and that's a challenge. you cannot manage people having same religion but still you dnt have a feel of brotherhood in yourself. you all are not united. but we indians are. you just knw how to exploit people and dont even bother about the communal harmony. you people think that you are better then others but if you talk about humanism you are on the last position. bieng nice is what it matters. if you are full of rage then earth doesnt need you. being rich doesnt make a sense to be superior. you might have the money but you dont have the right place to utilise it. we dont let indian money go away waste. you let it. i wanna tell you that if a thing exceeds its limit it breaks down or turn out to be bad and so your countries richness will.

dont be proud on what you have artificially. we proud to be indians because we are more corporative than others, we knw your language as well as ours too, we can be calm and go for peace no matter how much insult we have to face cuz we knw that violation leads to destruction and nothing else.

in end i want to conclude that we all are humans, no matter in which country we are what we do or which language we speak. we should be honest polite and helpful. dont forget that we helped britain to fight in world war. we are helpful and kind which shows our greatness.

Winning Position: optimistic

About Me

"dnt give challenges cuz i knw to break them up!"

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Gender: Girl
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: India
Education: High School

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