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RSS Nchandra

Reward Points:4
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nchandra(4) Clarified
0 points

You don't know his you??? he might had been exposed to EVIL...

0 points

Babies are not's the exposure which eventually make them evil..if you expose the naive mind of a baby to stealing then obviously he'll turn to stealing....if you show him violence, he'll grow violence or a sadist.....

1 point

This is true..our earth is truly a jewel and we are not respectin and valuing it...Thing of barren mars and volcanic jupiter and then of our green and fresh earth.....

1 point

Man indeed is a bundle of emotion or why is this society, family and all....a man loves his family, his partner, his friends, he sympathesise with other people just because he have emotions..

nchandra(4) Clarified
2 points

But think about this in the other way..If you don't have emotion...why would you think about your family member instead of thinking about yourself..that's what practicality and logic is all about...ri8...and why.pray would you save the drowning man risking your lyf....this is all because a man contains emotion and he has consideration 4 odrs.....

1 point

OK Darling just tell me r u an Indian????????

If no then y do u care so much bout r country????

mind ur own business!!!!

n leave my country on me!!!!

n if yes den u r lazy,disease prone & physically unfit n b proud to b an indian coz v r nt lik u.

1 point

The Indian economy is galloping at a breakneck speed and might even reach double-digit growth by 2013, feel Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Commerce Minister Anand Sharma. Many economists agree that the demographic dividend that India enjoys could see the country sustain its high growth rate for a long time to come.

The India growth story is indeed enviable. Despite being plagued by myriad problems, India has emerged stronger and more resilient to any global crises so far.

India is expected to be the world's fastest growing economy by 2018, according to Economist Intelligence Unit, a research arm of the Economist magazine.

1 point

Yeah I agree India is a country wid a good quality of Human resource.

1 point

India certainly has d potentials 2 lead d world......

in our real world power and weapons doesn't work any more


maybe USA,UK or such other contries are more powerful but India is economically more is d hub 4 many other companies.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Natasha Chandra
Gender: Girl
Age: 39
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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