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RSS Nckkiller

Reward Points:56
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4 points

i believe that persons should have the right to go somewhere and be recognized for who they are religiously and not for what their brothers and sisters have done in the past

1 point

age a major factor when it comes to the emotional development of an individual.when deal we consider at its just a one time thing but something that last forever

3 points

yes there may be no proof but yes w must ask our selves why does it rain a person who says god is not real would be quiet stupid to think so.then we ask them are you religious

1 point

how could abortion be acceptable think about the nature of it itself not yet born and a child is kill rather crucial when you think about it.but i must ask those who say yes to this argument lets put it this ways you are in the comfort of your moms womb and then you were killed you hadn't not born never seen or taste or touch and for every day of your life you wonder to your self why did my mom abort me and to think again maybe i would have been a great politician or even the future Martin Luther King but then again you would never know cause you were never born

0 points

yes there is an arguement on whether or not one should be allowed to speak freely but lets think in cases of young people.sholud they be allowed to speak freely think about it under situations when they sole handedly confront an elder person intruding in conversations sharing their veiw but yet they do not realize the disrespect the inflict at that one moment they intervened

About Me

"im just smart"

Biographical Information
Name: wayne vieira
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Guyana
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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