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RSS Nickqw

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1 point

It is what existentialism is based upon; it emphasizes the existence of an free willed individual responsible for determining their own development and purpose in life. This itself is carried out through will - the choices and actions we take in our day to day life.

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1 point

I admit that this alone isn't a reason to ban tobacco products, but such an environmentally damaging (huge consumption of water, exploitation of forests) industry must be substantially restricted.

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1 point

I think the solution is to find ecological sustainability in agriculture. For instance, the metric of a good fish farm is in the number of fish predators. If the predators are plentiful, that means the fish are a good supply of food.

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2 points

It is difficult to be happy when you are wondering where your next meal will come from. But this is not to say that achieving financial security (via money) will bring happiness.

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1 point

Everyone's morals are different. Some condemn all forms of lying, others do not. We can apply the fact that to some, the values of others, the law and the consequences do not matter. There can be no universal moral law because of such diversity of beliefs.

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1 point

there were reasons for Germany to be angry, but don't throw the first stone. Throwing stones is always the easy way out, so if you take that route, don't expect admiration.

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1 point

I'll go a few weeks eating chips and ice cream (getting little exercise), then a few weeks eating vegetables, fish, fruit, etc. and an abundance of both exercise and water. I never feel a need to eat the junk food during my 'switch'. Also, I am not yet dead and hope not to be for at least three or four decades more.

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2 points

I could go on and on. My point is you don't have to give up your steak, but you should know where it comes from and balance how much you eat. This will help you take stress off your bodies functions to maintain homeostasis and will result in a long and healthy life.

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1 point

There is always adoption if you don't want to raise your child. And yes it's a child. Just because it's smaller and less developed does not make it any less of a child. Just like a child being smaller and less developed than an adult does not make it any less human.

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1 point

Flu vaccines, or “shots,” are available. They’re made on an almost yearly basis, using the most common influenza bugs at the time. They are fairly effective, but flu viruses are known for fast mutation rates and thus circumventing immunities. If you want to stay well this flu season, get your shot and remember to wash your hands frequently.

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