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RSS Nigelc

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2 points

People in favor of torture love to bring up situations in which America is teetering on the brink of catastrophe and the terrorist in his jail cell has information to stop it. Whenever I hear this, I have to laugh. I mean seriously, this never happens. We are never moments away from cataclysm with a terrorist who can give us info to stop it. This is the stuff of 007 movies and Dick Cheney's dreams. Enough with the reactionism already.

We have to realize that not only is torture ineffective and unreliable, but morally unacceptable 100% of the time, regardless of the situation (as if the aforementioned situation ever arises at all)

1 point

No, I think nuclear war or overpopulation will kill off most of humanity before global warming does.

2 points

Why is this a question? No offense, but seriously? Is anyone going to legitimately argue for the other side? I don't think so. This "debate" is absolutely meaningless.

1 point

I suppose ideally museums ought to be free for everyone, but in reality people are probably not going to donate anywhere close to enough money to adequately fund museums, pay for security, maintain collections, ect.

1 point

I worked all night. No fireworks for me :(

Oh well, there's always next year.

1 point

You're wrong, there is nothing wrong with using "an historic" because the 'a/an' rule is a matter of pronunciation, not spelling. It is used more commonly in British English than American English, but there is nothing wrong with it. And what is this business about McCain starting it??

2 points

Not even close. Country is one of the few genres I cannot stand at all. Rock is definitely where it is at (mostly)!

1 point

Larry David is the greatest living American. He's an absolute Genius!

1 point

That is exactly how I felt! Honestly, MJ was cool, but whatever. Billy Mays was the man! I absolutely loved that guy, and he will certainly be missed.

2 points

I really don't even like Slipknot very much, but AX7 just sucks it so hard, I have to argue for Slipknot on this one.

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Winning Position: Superman
Winning Position: Yes, it does.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Nigel 
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: In College

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