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1 point

I see, but that is a really weak criteria to base it on. If it does everything a parasite does and is unwanted, it truly is a parasite. If you want it, it is not a parasite. Understand? I'm talking about bad parasites.

1 point

I am looking at things from the perspective of someone that is trying to get a job but cannot. They only give you welfare if you have less than $600 in your bank account. That isn't even enough for rent and food for a week.

1 point

Only if the rules are not enforcing common sense and decency. Rules are in place to allow for people to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting other people. However, the moment it goes past that and the laws say things like:

1) Black people should sit in the back of the bus and white people have front privileged


2) All waiters should be female.


3) Men are not allowed to use the washroom after 6 pm.

Then it is impinging on people's freedom. Freedom and less safety are correlated. In fact, I think that being too safe can obstruct both freedom and progress. More freedom should be given to people who contribute to society without hurting it. I think I might clarify this later.

2 points

Yep, I see it that way too. Also, what is funny is that it is similar to how when a guy sleeps with lots of girls, he is a player, while if a girl does the same, she is a slut. It is society's double standards.

1 point

No, it offers a means to more readily find a means to handle them.

1 point

Yeah. That is why people even follow the laws set by the government. Why should I follow laws if I don't even have the ability to feed myself? Why can't I take from you?

There are promises made by society in exchange for following the rules and doing certain things. For one, if I get an education and do well in school, I should earn more than the average non-educated person and get employed.

If I don't rape, murder and kill, I should be offered opportunities.

I shouldn't be judged on the basis or race, sex, or looks when it comes to employment. The minute that breaks down, you have no right to tell me to do anything.

Fuck your laws, ethics and safety. If you don't care about me, I do not owe you anything.

1 point

Yes, I think they should be called magical horned horses. It seems more accurate.

2 points

I think sex and virginity is overrated. I think it should be a pleasurable bonding experience. Most decent people that are together for a while before sleeping together are less likely to get a disease. Even sleeping around doesn't make u capable of getting a disease unless the girl is really really dirty.

2 points

I am a man. How is it that people are answering so short when the minimum number of letters is 50?

1 point

They share many of the properties of a parasite. They do not benefit the mother, they take up nutrition, they are dependent on the host. This is debatable, however, many argue that fetuses are in fact parasites.

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Winning Position: Why is it that unborn childs seems to have more worth than ppl that contributed to society
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