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That's what kind of person you are. Like it or not you are wrong and you are very immoral and twisted no matter what that bulk of idiots standing behind you tell you.

Or maybe you don't understand, I could see where you were trying to come from but what you were saying wasn't entirely true. And why do you focus so hard on the Bible? Does this mean you secretly believe you want to be a Christian? But guess what I'll never become an atheist because atheists have been proven to have more miserable lives than any other type of person out there, I am happy as a Christian and I can tell you aren't a very happy person so keep trying, misery love company but I won't be your company because I don't want to be miserable like you.

-1 points

Yes you are for filthy sick stuff. Liberal in todays term means- "A person who believes there is no wrong and excepts everything and believes every opinion is equal unless it's an opinion that is different then his/hers, and there are many liberals because it's whats 'in' right now or you can say what is "cool" and they are also the ones who are in control of the USA right now and are the ones killing the country."...

There is free will, he also gave satan free will in which satan misused and God didn't make us robots as the liberal media is programming you to be. Free will, it's there and God lets you use it how you want but there is still right from wrong and do wrong and never repent and you will go to hell.

Why do you disbelieve it, it is perfectly natural and explainable, I can go into it if you wish.

Because I've seen gay people turn straight and that proves it's a choice and that they aren't retarded like all of you "supporters" are unintentionally saying they are retarded.

You are calling them retarded, they have no retardation, everything works as it should, again I can explain this, but I'm not aware of your capacity to understand biochemistry so I'll leave it up to you to either search for the answer yourself or ask me.

The only logical way they can be born "gay" is through a chemical off balance.

I'm sure they'd quite dislike being referred to as retarded, and the only evil I see here is people discriminating against an entire societal group.

I'm not referring to them as retarded as they aren't as they made a choice to be homosexual but like I said above YOU are.

Most STDs came from bestiality, really? You can't just make up facts, that may be the Christian way but it is illogical.

Also, "most homosexuals have STDs", I can't begin to explain how cretinous and unbelievably ridiculous this statement is.

They do it is proven and is a fact like it or not just like the fact that God exists.

You mean the type of reasoning that would have me arrive at broad generalisations and spouting groundless claims, like you,

The truth hurts buddy, you may not always like what you hear or hear of what you are doing wrong. But if you were never told you were wrong you'll never be able to be right. If a teacher tells you that you answered one of the questions wrong are you going to call you a bigot, hate monger, homophobic just because he/she said you were wrong so you can correct yourself. If yes you have some mighty fine pride issues and anger issues than.

Surely as a Christian, you'll meet and marry a virgin, and remain one yourself until you consummate your union under God, no? So it won't matter to you.

I think that all homosexuals would disagree with you on this too.

Bi-sexual is the same as a homosexual in my book, it's a sub category how about that, just like how Wyverns are a sub category of Dragons.

Oh the reasoning, I can't help but bow to your logical might.

The ones that call themselves "bi-sexual" spread the infinite STDs that the regular homosexuals have.

Again as above, it shouldn't be any of your concern.

But it is and it will stay one of my many concerns of whats wrong with people today.

0 points

DID YOU READ MY COMMENT?! 77% are Christian and 0.2% are atheists. Christians are criminals at a higher rate than people of any other major religion and atheism.

Prove to me they were Christians before they entered prison.

Prove it.

Prove me wrong than.

Not only does god command us to kill all non-christians and innocent children, he himself massacres innocent women and children as "punishment" for sins they didn't commit. If your god is real (which it obviously isn't), I have a message from all logical people for him: "Fuck you, you apetty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."

Sorry you are speaking of the Muslim religion, you know the one "PRAISE ALLAH!!!!! (BOOM)".

I hope you have gay children so that they will resent you for thinking it is a choice. Why would anyone CHOOSE to be ridiculed by people (ignorant Christians)? Why would anyone CHOOSE to have fewer rights? Not to mention mountains of scientific evidence. But facts don't matter to your kind. Facts and logic are fake and made up by the evil gays. Morons...

It's impossible for me to have gay children as I will teach them better than to do such sickening acts, well then if they resent me for telling the truth so be it but I will never stop telling them that it's wrong. And thank you for wishing something on someone as I wish you get raped by an innocent animal in an act of revenge of what you did to it's sibling (not really). Yes they choose to do sickening acts, why would anyone murder someone only to be ridiculed too?

You have no facts or proof too if that's the case buddy ol' pal.

Homosexuality is a choice like "vanilla or chocolate". Except one of the choices are wrong.

0 points

Trying to be slick or funny, it didn't work lol. No I don't but for some odd reason I feel you do, I feel it in my bones, the little ones.

0 points

I'm tired of having to prove everything, why don't you prove something for a change. Weak argument, not at all because you telling me I must prove everything when in your mind you don't have the same rules that you put on me?

0 points

Or maybe those who support it have homosexual fantasies??? Interesting...

0 points

This is a red herring and an unjustified assertion. And it is indeed a real word.

No it's not and it isn't even a real phobia, I'm not scared of homosexuals... Homophobic is a word created merely to insult people who disagree with the filthy acts of homosexuals.

Observed in thousands of species, proven to have genetic linkages, widespread in all populations at a constant rate. But to you, facts and logic clear don't matter.

Animals hump to hump when excited or when they are hyper, my dog would get really hyper if you made wild and wacky noises and would run and hump a pillow... It's not natural in the way your trying to say it is.

It was "made" at all. It evolved into modern existence over millions of years.

Evolution is false!!! Remember? Duh.....

This is ad hominem. I couldn't care less about whether or not you approve of my lexicon.

I understand that. BUT you can at least be more civil right?

Unjustified assertion.

And so is atheism.

Wow. You are actually going to claim there is only one interpretation of the bible, yours, and yours is the "correct" one? Under your logic, anyone who has worked on the sabbath is not a Christian.

Many Christians water it down a bit to be more liked by other people and any Christian who practices Christianity the right way is called an "extremist" or too Christian which I find very ignorant.

You really are incompetent. How many times have I asked you to prove the existence of hell and make a case for god-given moral objectivism. Until you successfully do both, your claim is bullshit.

I ask you this, prove atheism first and I'll see what I can do okay?

Yes it does say in the Bible tolerance for sin is sin, FYI light cannot hand around darkness.

What an idiot you are. Prove it.

There is no logic with you people. You just spew bullshit and claim it is fact. Pathetic. That moronic argument has been disproven time and time again.

What has been proven time and time again? Homosexuals choose to be one unless you support that "theory" that they are mentally challenged?

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