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RSS Nrh21208

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This is not evolutions..thats called extinction. One species died, correct? Peppered Moths dead and melanic moth lived???? That sounds like extinction, or strongest survive. The pepper is did not evolve.

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Protection is very important to be taught in school, but abstinence should be the focus. Relying on a condom ad education gives kids the authority to have sex freely, and we all know the stats are not perfect. We need to be centered on saving sex to Marriage and build the belief into kids that sex is best to wait, and can be very damaging otherwise.

This is a great topic, one that myself as 100% on, based on how society treats these issues in public, media, etc. Kids know about we need a strong appeal towards prevention of them becoming active.

0 points

It is very simple, Please, both sides read this article.

2 points

Why are you gay? Because of genes? Tell us about your childhood? What did your family unit look like?

1 point are certainly confused. I could not beleive this came from SZ after reading your other ignorant posts.

Read the sentence after (attachment theory) where you argue that these 'developments occur within framework of genetic levels.......yet the rest of your message agrees with social learning impacting future relationships? I quote you "we're born with potential and the environment, and probably determine what gets filled in and emphasized! Whoa! Thats true!

Thanks for the supporting evidence of Homosexuality (future relationships based on social learning at a young age) being credited to ENVIRONMENTAL factors :)

Oh, the color-blindness is not even in the same category.

1 point

It is basically Murder. You must give a life a chance? What if your mother had you aborted?

1 point

Do I have to type an argument..cannot I simply choose a side? There is no question that even in Ron L was alive he would laugh at the ridiculousness of this 'system'

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