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RSS Nynx

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2 points

Facebook is basically a way to centralize people's social interactions on the web. Many of its features can easily be provided by alternative methods(chat, e-mailing people, sharing photos on websites like photobucket or flickr), but it tries to unify them all into one website, making sure that every single detail that could be used to identify and track someone is easy to access and encouraged (tagging people in photos, posting events you're going to, sharing personal photos, sharing personal information on people's walls...). For so many years, the stance towards the internet has been caution and not sharing information you don't want to be out there for everyone to see, for a very good reason: personal information is very valuable, both for advertisers who can make money out of it by tracking you, and for identity thieves or creepers who basically live in the golden age of their respective "hobbies". Facebook encourages putting yourself out there, and sharing as much information as you can, just for that ridiculous notion of "social acceptance". It's basically the greatest way to profile as much people as possible, and there's absolutely nothing preventing the company or, say, the government, from accessing that info and using it for... or against you.

2 points

I am in a private school that requires uniforms to be worn. I don't believe this is a good way to remove prejudice against other people's clothes : it just makes you avoid the problem temporarily and doesn't familiarize you with differences in each person's fashion and how to accept them. I think it's more important to teach students how to respect each other, no matter what they wear. Actually, when I come to think of it, uniforms are disrespectful to everyone's right to express themselves through their clothes.

1 point

I agree 100%. Not only is it a great movie about drugs, but it's also haunting and hardly forgettable.

1 point

Choosing ONE is just impossible.

My favorites now: Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Ayreon, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Rush, Marillion, Tool, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Symphony X, Led Zeppelin, OSI (very underrated band, check them out), Griffin, Queensr├┐che...

2 points

Metal, because it borrows from many genres and is not just screaming as many people think. Rap, if you forget about the mainstream crap of today, can have some very good lyrics and songwriting, but is somewhat limited by the form in which you must express it, while in metal artists have more freedom in the delivery of their sound (basically all rap songs are going to have something in common while metal songs can be more varied: death, within temptation and queensr├┐che are all metal but they don't sound alike at all)

1 point

Progressive, for the truly original and emotional music it has created.

1 point

Music is very subjective, and tastes tend to change over time. Right now, my favorite band would be either Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree. But hey, everyone has different tastes.

2 points

The main problem with JB is that a lot of people think that, because he's famous, he's automatically intelligent, cute and a good singer. In fact, he is not more original than any pop artist before him (a couple of years ago, the Jonas Brothers were the big trend, where are they now?) There are many more talented artists with better voices and songwriting talents that will, unfortunately, never be as famous as JB because they weren't at the right place at the right time. That sucks.

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