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1 point

You are absolutely right but when you are creator of a universe you can call the shots and make the rules.

ontherange(12) Clarified
1 point

Is this an agreement or sarcasm? I just had an epiphany you're a hopeless cause as I once was. Thanx for the debate but you what I don't have to prove anything to you are anyone else! The day is drawing near and then it will be upon you and your decisions your beliefs just like it will be upon mine...Then we'll see who is right. If your right I'm no worse for wear any way this gives my life purpose yet if I'm right your side doesn't look so wonderful after all.

1 point

When you can do whatever you want and your going to set the date for coming back from the dead you can decide how long your going to take about it...

1 point

God is not bound by time...He created time.

Then if you study into Bible history you will find that the writer was Moses who was told these things with the entire nation of Israel to witness for it...

Why are you so afraid of know to some people death isn't a bad thing because they know where there going when it ends and honestly they believe it is a lot better than this crummy place.

That story was witnessed you forget that Elisha the other prophet stood there watching it happen. And in the last 2000 years ok supernatural Jesus himself ascended into Heaven. Then Stephen the first martyr his death is supernatural! The Heavens open above him and he asks God to forgive the men that even then are stoning him then he dies...

Ok if we're going the evolutionist vs. creationist route I have a question of my own... what started all of that happening what created that energy way back when? No one in school knows and NASA has no answers that I could find so tell me please.

As for scientific proof that story book stated the world was round thousands of years before science, it also talks about dinosaurs, and other things that science has record of that that story book said before any archaeologists ever decided it would be fun to start digging them up...

When you were a kid there was always that one thing your parents always told you not to do for me it was a jar full of em & ems from many others I've talked to it was the cookie jar. Your parents always knew you were eventually going to get into that and that they would have to punish you for it but they still put it there.

What kind of proof do you want from this God?

1 point

Finally you get it. So if this God does exist He created us and because He created us He demands our subservience...we didn't give Him that. There was a punishment for that a curse called death. That price had to be paid either by the wrong doer or by the one who set the rules in place.

Any mercy from a God who could destroy you with out blinking an eye is impressive.

Notice with Job that all though all those bad things happened to Him unlike you He never cursed God! Then in the end he was given everything back double fold.

If you call a town basically consisting of prostitutes, thieves, murderers, drugdealers, and drunkards is a town full of innocents then ok...

I have some people not even in the Bible that you should know... Mr. and Mrs. Wurmbrand of Romania. Mr. Wurmbrand was a hard set atheist for years. One day he walked into church and realized he had missed something and because he like you had studied what the Bible was to argue his side he realized without being told what it was. He became a christian. Shortly afterwards Russia took over and he was thrown into their prisons for his beliefs. Every time he would get out of jail after seeing things like; a thirteen year old boy being beaten to death by the wardons while calling out to his father never to deny who he was, Mr. Wurmbrand continued to go out and tell people about Jesus. Later on he had the chance to invite a wardon into his home who had been apart of his torturing and the man was saved. Then his wife who had been held in a Nazi concentration camp also brought one of those men into their home and he was saved.

If you're not going to believe in Him at least believe in His people they are capable of many things...

1 point

So think of all of this as story God is the good guy and Evil is the bad guy. Man is the hero what does he have to achieve?

1 point

Ok you have formal permission then kill whoever you want to. Killing may be legal by man's law but God has a very different philosophy on the matter.

1 point

I guess so... my Mom was just explaining this to me the other day. There is a tissue inside of a woman that breaks when she has sex. and if you don't believe the Bible I suggest going to look up non-believing historians who say the same thing and connect with what was going on in the Bible at that time.

1 point

Easy humans are what we understand the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, and many others use this tactic of using what they do understand to explain the Heavnly realms.

1 point

exactly like you said they became evil, they were not created equal

and yes my God is the God who loves those that hate Him and curse Him. All the other gods just blast them...

When you love someone you can't just spoil them constantly that would ruin them so you have to punish them...besides its like what a teacher says about your grades you earn them he doesn't give them to you.

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