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RSS Orlando

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2 points

I agree that the mark of the beast is a device used to follow the activities of citizens. It will continue to work just as long as the power distribution grid is in operation and batteries can be recharged. We take so much for granted! What do you think will happen when the power goes out due to solar flares?

Where is the power distribution station that powers up this Universe? If you can answer that, then you hold the secrets of existence in your hands!

1 point

I stand corrected in stating that some warriors did make their own weapons, and others like 'specialists' did indeed help to perfect and mass produce them. You have persuaded me that woman are just as brave and capable of fighting than men. Research Mother Kali in the Hindu scriptures and you'll see what I mean. That is what debate is all about to learn from others, and not to knock the opponent down to size.

I see no honor in killing your own species; perhaps aliens, but not your own species.

Why expedite death when it's inevitable for every species on Earth to die? Then again, ancient warriors never wanted to reach a ripe old age (invalid), but to die or live in battle with honor and reap the rewards of Heaven! You figure?

Thanks for correcting me on 'WREAK' havoc.

1 point

I want to extend my love to you as well for being open minded to issues that hardly anyone wants to talk about. I don't write from off the top of my head. I read and research topics that will ultimately assist me in moving onto a realm beyond this one.

CHI/PRANA are mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Dharma, Christianity, etc. have nothing to do with pure intelligence and energy fields surrounding us at all times. Science and Art to the fullest and they will both save the Planet!

1 point

You pose a strong argument of "practically zero" but probable.

Perhaps the conditions to have awaken us this morning from a state of slumber was initiated by some sound in our immediate surroundings (alarm clock, etc.) Perhaps a Supreme Being had an initial alarm mechanism to bring IT into existence.

I agree with you that life is a miracle, and perhaps a Supreme Being just accepts that "I AM THAT I AM" and JUST IS! with infinite powers to create worlds upon worlds, species upon species, etc.

I don't believe the Universe is infinite, however, I do believe there are multiple Universes, and an infinite Spiritual reality/realm beyond this physical dimension. Who are we to say what is practical or impractical?

0 points

I agree that a woman's place is to nurture and to build civilization. It's in her nature to be equal with Mother Nature. Just think of it, in one minute Mother Nature can reap havoc on the entire planet. So in sense, the description of Earth as a Mother is entirely correct, she is the ultimate warrior!

You want to see a real battle fought in ancient times then read the Mahabharata War or the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita.

Women did not fight except if they disguised themselves to seek revenge for some injustice committed by some man on the enemy side; thus her opportunity to avenge herself presented itself.

War is never good no matter what era it occurs in. But Ancient warfare had more honor and pride than contemporary warfare. You had to be a martial artist skilled in horse riding, elephant control, and different strategic formations for battle.

In addition, men made their own weapons: bow and arrow, shields, swords, lances, chucks, discus, etc. They knew what type of armor they were using. In modern times someone else makes the weapons and you know what can result.

1 point

I don't see what skin tone has to do in measuring a person's character (Martin Luther King). It's incredible how we as Humans overlook the complexity of this very human body and its organs, nerves centers, complex brain structure, etc. Why spend time discriminating about skin color and hating people that don't have the same complexion. But I'll tell you one thing, we are all the same in physiological and anatomical structure!

Reach within your Soul because that is truly who you are!

White to White, Black to Black the ignorant will oftentimes commit crimes against people who even look like themselves.

1 point

That is the basic challenge facing languages and vocabulary in attempting to explain the hidden mysteries of the Universe. Who came up with the word "alien?"

Right here on Earth, if a person is not born in a certain country and visits another country on the same planet they are considered 'an alien.' So we apply the same term to extraterrestial life.

To other life forms, whether they exist or not, we would be aliens to them, or perhaps brothers and sisters sharing one common energy field scattered throughout the entire Universe called "LOVE!"

I agree with you that we make mistakes over and over again. But then again isn't that what knowledge, love, and experience are suppose to do? Rid the human race of ignorance!

1 point

Well my friend you have beat the odds and you are a living testiment/evidence of a created sentient thinking being. You are refuting your own claim that '...the odds of life being created is practically zero...' If you where uncreated you would not be making that claim. "All that I see around me is existence, I am part of existence, therefore I exist!"

That is deductive reasoning in debating circles: (i.e., All men are mortals, socrates is a man, therefore Socrates is mortal).

My argument is specific to the sociocentrist or anthro-pomorphic view of man in this tiny fraction of time and space.

Perhaps we are the ones that are 'very far away' from where the action really is!

If we can really define what life is perhaps we will discover it within ourselves, as well as outside of ourselves!

"An unexamined life is not worth living" Socrates

1 point

This is what the electronic and computer age has given us; a artificial means to take control to the ultimate level. The question to ask is: 'why is who watching who from where and for what?"

My religious and philosophical motto is that each one has to learn to seek his or her own salvation and stop minding other people's business. After all we did come into the world alone and will exit alone!

Electronics is just another crude form of manipulating nature and the hidden or transcendental forces that lies within the material world. Chi and Kundalini energy exists within all creation and that energy is the ultimate spy that records all that we say and do. It is also known as the Akashic record. So the next time you do something unethical, let your conscious be your guide because you're planting negative karmic seeds that may effect you in the future.

So that 'chip' is a late invention that we should not fear. What we should fear is the 'Cosmic Chip" that exists throughout the Universe who are watching the chip maker...who are observing your deeds...etc.

It's arrogant for humanity to think that we are the only beings in existence on such a small planet! Perhaps we are the beings disenfranchised and alienated from the rest of the Universe!

Think about it!

1 point

Universes do have cousins. The Vedas of the Far East mention that this particular Universe exists within the body of a great gigantic being name MahaVishnu who is lying within a portion of the Spiritual sky.

The question remains how significant can we really be to a gigantic being who is dreaming these worlds into existence?

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