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RSS Oxidious88

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1 point

The government displays what rights it finds acceptable for people to have. However, rights are a fallacy. You don't need "rights", the earth is free and you are able to live, thrive and prosper without any help from government, god, or technology.

1 point

Trans people have just as many rights as anyone else and have the right to wear whatever they want just like you do. Also maybe you should stick to one account "NowASaint".

2 points

The answer is no. It cannot even be theorized. If you take any scientific theory and apply it, it's equations and experiments are based on proven things. Doing so either proves or disproves the theory. A good example of this is theoretical physics, which takes the elements and the anatomy of matter and applies that to a theory of a particle that creates other particles. That theory is one being tested today in Europe.

Now apply that to the existence of god. There are no equations you can implement, no real world basis, no similar or previous elements or evidence, just a book. A book which anyone could have written while under the influence, suffering from mental illness, following an older religion that may or may not be written under the same circumstances. It's all very foggy, elusive and lacks any real evidence.

1 point

Atheists do not hate God. They hate what religion does to people who take their beliefs to a radical level. They hate that it's used against the people as a fear tactic. An atheist would never put down your average person for believing in God. If someone say "I believe in God.", an atheist would reply "Ah, well I don't, but everyone is welcome to their views." When someone says "I Know God exists and he's going to make you burn in hell for not believing in him!", that's when an atheist will become profane and vile towards them. That's because you're taking something that is nothing more than a theory, stating it as fact, and then using it as a fear tactic towards someone. It's disgusting.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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