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RSS Paralogical

Reward Points:55
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1 point

I love cheesing it up. Edam, gouda, any cheses are the best cheese for me.

1 point

Some of my internet research shows that Canadian pancakes are the fluffy ones Americans just call pancakes.

paralogical(55) Clarified
1 point

Are the canadian ones the crepes, or are the traditional ones crepes?

3 points

Software represents many hours of thought and work by the developers. If they want to charge money to be compensated for their work, they should be allowed to charge money for their software. If they think they can make enough money through ads, they should be able to use ads. If they want to give away their software, it is their choice. How much software costs should be up to the creator of the software, or the company that pays that creator.

paralogical(55) Clarified
1 point

hey, how are you posting with only a few characters? I always get a long message about having to type a lot of stuff. Everyone here seems to be only typing a little bit.

1 point

There's a set of them up at through youtube if that works.

1 point

I don't have a favorite one, but I waste time at They're lots of little flash games and you get addicting little achievements for beating them.

2 points

Obama was much more at ease and had great timing. He mixed a good variety of self-effacing jokes and some timely political humor in. There weren't as many times when it felt like he was being funny while really being mean. McCain sounded at times like he was trying to use comedy to get in a political attack instead of good natured fun.

3 points

McCain was on the offensive this debate, and exposed the American people to flaws in Obama's economic plan. He backed up his points with numbers, and showed that in this downturn, his plan will put money into individual's hands, not the government. He frequently reexamined what Obama said and let the American people what it really meant, and how his vision was the stronger of the two.

5 points

Of the two, Obama took the more presidential attitude. He calmly addressed McCain's points, while McCain got irritated and was visibly angry at times. He showed a clear plan and finally had solid numbers to back up his points.

Supporting Evidence: cnn's commentary (
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Winning Position: cheese me
Winning Position: Barack Obama (D)
Winning Position: Think feel read and go for it
Winning Position: No, customer is alway right
Winning Position: Yes

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Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Postal Code: aa9a 9aa
Websites: tewst

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