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RSS Patient2011

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Yes to uniforms. And people have to understand that uniforms don't only affect the kid wearing it but also the others around....You have the right to say "let my kid wear what he wants" but does that means that this kid who used to hate school, now trying to get back to study can't concentrate because of this girl wearing inappropriate clothes?

Also kids not having uniforms will increase bullying.

Uniforms also prepare the kid to future jobs, jobs where there is a limit, jobs were you were uniforms. School is not a place to be free and fly guys. It's to prepare for a future, learn were the freedom stops, learn to be a team with others, help actually make dreams real.

2 points

1.) I live in Australia

2.) I'm more of a football fan (soccer as you would call it)

1 point

We will never know what really happened. Sometimes things are not clear when they are only two witnesses; The victim and the suspect

1 point

Yeah tomatoes and many other things I can't remember of right now.

1 point

Happy birthday may your brain give you more ideas so you can create good debates

1 point

What's the point of them playing video games if they don't understand yet how hard it is to get money?

No one can play the same video game for ever. They will be asking for more and more and if they get more they will have less time to study and they will feel like if they need video games.

Do they even understand what they are playing?

2 points


But when it comes to soccer I prefer Spain.......VIVA ESPANA

1 point

I don't think so. Many things turn around Facebook and i don't think that Google Plus can just come and outdo Facebook.

2 points

I speak french and english and i learned a bit of spanish and turkish. I can also understand one of my mum's language (ninguala) but i can't speak it

1 point

I don't certainly want to be a suspect of a thing that i don't know and go to prison. But i will still not let them go anywhere they want because i don't want to be surprised by founding something compromising

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Name: John Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia

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