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RSS Pellhum

Reward Points:58
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

there you go just cause your stressed out doesnt mean that you have to end it all in a way it is worth it because you saud that it fallows you around. there is always stress and drama and deppresion but its up to us to figure out ways to get rid of them and be happy and be somebody in life!

1 point

What is wrong with you how do you put people out of their missery what are you a mass murderer?? Thants sick life is worth the stress and if its not than why are you here??!!!

1 point

Life is worth the stress! Life is a gift that you cant return and taking the easy way out means returning that gift. We are all here for a reason its up to us to find that reason!!!

1 point

I am in love so therefor i believe in love. If love wasnt real than what is that feeling when you feel complete and you have butterflies in your stomach and your with the one that you know will last forever????

-1 points

Twilight series!!! Twilight not harry potter , Twilight!!!! wow how dumb are you It's twilight!!!!!!!

2 points

Cowboys are the best! There's no competition!!! It's absolutely ridiculous that you think niners can compare to us or be even better ya right!!!!!!

1 point

No it should diffidently be not illegal because the government has no right to tell us that we cant have sexual affairs with a boy and a girl. The government is already telling us that we cant even be married to the same sex and now they want us to wait until we are old enough that bull!!

2 points

Of course Obama is going to win that guys a boss he will boss his way till all his trems are complete, theres no taling him down! Barack Obama is unbeatable!!

2 points

It depends on what your values are. If your down and out and wish that you had lots of money and then you get some of course your going to be happy, but if your already wealthy you may want to things Money or love. The reason for that is wealthy people already have money but they may not be necessarily happy. they might desire something else like to be loved or liked if not already so it mainly matters on what your believes are, your values, and overall the way your life is. I personally couldn't care less but that might be the fact that I'm only 15 and my life doesn't depend on money as much as average adults do, but I'm getting their.

1 point

Yes i do think he will change our nation for the better. Who wouldn't.

About Me

"I'm a siple guy just looking for answers and opinions and have fun doing it."

Biographical Information
Name: Brandon Pellhum
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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